Nurse Vikie reporting from Birches Wood Hospital !!

Oh boy !!!  Five sick kids in 24 hours !!  Is it OK that I feel run ragged and absolutely exhausted ?

Bless them all, it started with Mirie who was at college when it hit her Monday evening.  She came home from rehearsals for this weeks show feeling awful and throwing up !  Osborn had spent all evening lying down with a raging headache before being sick all over the bathroom floor several times and Lorie was complaining of feeling ill.

The next morning Jamie had a hangover but the severity of her sickness had far less to do with the alcohol than it did to do with ‘the bug’ !  Lorie was too ill to go into college ( unheard of for her ! ) and I received a phone call from Nikita’s school telling me she was ill and to go and get her !

Yesterday afternoon saw me taking care of Jamie hanging over the downstairs toilet, then rushing to Lorie in her bedroom every time I heard her being sick and then running upstairs to Nikita when it was her turn !!   This went on for hours with me trying to find some kind of painkiller for the headaches that they could actually keep down !  I tried everything including baby Calpol but none of them could even keep water down never mind anything else !

The twins performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream had to be cancelled last night as Lorie is one of the lead roles and tonight’s performance is in jeopardy because she’s still so ill although typical of her, she’s determined to go in and try !!

Nikita decided she was well enough to go in today but I received ‘the call’ again this morning to go and collect her as she wasn’t well again.  Trouble is….we don’t know if her symptoms now are down to the bug or whether the stress of her upcoming exams are the cause.  Nikita’s autism causes her to stress in the extreme and she has frequently in the past been extremely sick with nerves.

So….here I am desperately trying to catch up with some work and failing dismally ! Kacie has just thrown yet another curved ball at me…she has a bike !!  Some people were clearing out their garage and putting things out for people to just take if they wanted them.  Kacie decided she wanted the bike so I now have to drive over to her college to collect her and the bike !!

I do tell my children occasionally that it’s a good job I love them !!

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