Oh dear….antics at posh parties!!!!

PHEW!!!!     Well….what a few days that turned out to be!

The Springsteen concert on Thursday was absolutely stunning.  The man is unbelievable…he didn’t stop for three solid hours with more energy than even most kids have!  Still incredibly sexy, still with the most amazing vocals and the greatest performer.  he’s a real star.  Vicki and I somehow managed to get three glasses of wine and a cocktail despite the whole venue running out of wine within an hour of the concert starting!  Slightly tipsy we wobbled our way over to where Lorie and Mirie were picking us up.  Mirie had the cheek to video me when we got home finding it hilarious that I’d had a few to drink!  I so rarely drink alcohol that they’re always quite shocked to see me after I’ve had a few!

The next day it was up early and off to London for my literary agents 25th anniversary of his agency.  I had booked a hotel just south of the river which turned out to be a real old ‘spit and sawdust’ pub!  Very cheap though, I can’t afford normal London prices! 

I went in with a little trepidation to be greeted by a guy with earrings in both ears, shaved head and tattoos everywhere but he was the loveliest guy ever!  He was so polite, charming and helpful.  Never judge a book by its cover.

I went up to my room which was small but had everything I needed and a power shower!  It was nicely decorated and as all I was doing was changing and sleeping there it was more than adequate.  Once I had showered and changed I went downstairs to get a taxi to take me to Westminster where I was meeting my ghost writer Lynne for a quick drink before the party.  I walked into the bar suitably dressed for a party at Westminster Abbey but definitely a ‘little’ overdressed for the pub.  I walked in and all eyes were on me!

Once again the young guy (I wish I knew his name) came to my rescue and invited me to go back to reception away from the crowd in the pub and rang the taxi company.  He even escorted me to my taxi when it arrived!

Lynne and I had a quick glass of wine at her hotel and then walked down to the Abbey.  Well….I say ‘walked’, I was kind of wobbling and tripping!  Nothing to do with the glass of wine at that point but down to the seven inch heels and uneven pavement!  This didn’t bode well as Lynne took my arm in order to keep me upright!

We arrived at the Abbey to be greeted by Andrew and had a lovely time talking to all kinds of different and very diverse people.  The party was due to end at 8 but as always there were the hardcore of diehards left at 9 and the Abbey staff were very politely trying to herd us to the exit, obviously yours truly was one of them!  It was decided that we should all go across the road to a bar and carry on the fun.

This was all well and good except that in my infinite wisdom I had chosen to wear the shoes I had already been struggling with after one glass of wine, plus I had broken my toe a few days before, another two glasses on wine had been consumed and we were walking on cobbles!  You can probably guess the rest!

I fell over walking to the bar despite Andrew holding my arm and someone suggested kindly that it mat be better if I sat down?  I did so and carried on nattering away to all and sundry and consumed another two glasses of wine.  This turned out to be a disastrous move as someone eventually suggested we go to a nearby Karaoke bar.

I never sing in public and wouldn’t ever dream of doing Karaoke but at that point it sounded like the best idea ever!!  We all walked to main road and yep…..I fell over again but this time hitting my head as well!  Lynne who was pretty wobbly herself made the executive decision to hail the next taxi that came along.  I sat on the ground while someone removed the offending shoes and lent me her size seven pumps and I was then unceremoniously thrown into the taxi which duly took me back to my hotel despite my protestations that I was absolutely fine and didn’t want to leave!!

So….I was back safe and sound.  Well, not quite….  I had the hotel key and the code for the door but it took me a good ten minutes of trying to punch in the right code before I suddenly realised there was a ‘C’ in front of the number and finally managed to get inside.  Anyone watching would have found the whole thing hilariously funny.

I undressed and collapsed into bed.  I should have had the most terrible hangover the next day but I was absolutely fine!  I definitely didn’t deserve to be.

A few emails apologising to Andrew and Lynne for my appalling behaviour, a large coffee and then on the train home.  Vicki kindly picked me up from the station and we went for coffee so she could hear all the gossip from the night before and then home.

I feel strangely alive and ‘normal’ for having a bit of a social whirlwind.  It obviously did me good!  I’ve got a feeling that after my antics the other night it might be a while before the men in white coats let me out again though!!

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