One for the ladies !!

This is dedicated to all women who have struggled to put a co-ordinated outfit together for an important event !

I’m going to one tomorrow night.  Got the outfit, got the shoes, got the necklace, got the bag…….need a belt !  Two days trawling the internet and wandering around every shop within a ten mile radius has yielded nothing, nada, zilch, in other words, with 24 hours to go I still don’t have the right belt !

I think ,my big mistake was deciding to go for Copper accessories.  Copper looks fabulous with the outfit but it’s not big this season.  It all started with lots of indecision about what colour accessories to go with.  Gold is so ordinary, silver was just the wrong colour all round and anything else wouldn’t be evening enough.

So….as I was wandering around Debenhams yesterday I spied a Copper coloured evening bag.  I put it next to the outfit…..perfect !  I then even managed to find a copper and diamante necklace that I knew would look perfect.  Inwardly I squealed with delight….”I’ve cracked it !” I thought excitedly.  Now the belt and it’s done !

NO…..of course not !  What was I thinking and how many times have I played this game over the years ?  Everything is perfect, just one piece of the puzzle missing and, of course, it’s the one thing that’s impossible to find !

It’s like needing a swimming costume for your child in the middle of winter for school swimming lessons.  Every shop seems to forget that people swim all year round.  I cite this example because it’s a game I’ve played so many times over the years with the kids.  God help us all if we need a swimming costume in December for our little one !

Back to the outfit !  I’ve now resorted to going a little Gok Wan and buying Copper paint to add some Copper to the only neutral belt I could find that even vaguely fitted the bill.  I has a few studs so said studs are going to be painted Copper and that is going to have to do !

Now I know that every female reader out there will be raising her eyes skywards as she remembers being in this situation over and over again.  All of you men reading  this are now looking at this page wondering what all the fuss is about ?  After all, trousers, shirt, shoes in any combination is fine….isn’t it ? 

Well just ask your partner what she thinks unless you are one of those relatively well evolved males that has experienced this often enough to know better than to raise the question in the first place !!

Ho hum…..the best laid plans and all of that stuff.  Now excuse me, I’ve got some very intricate painting to do !!!!

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