Osborn and Fire!!!

Osborn Strikes Again!

Having written about poor old Harry and his various recent injuries I felt compelled to show the evidence of events that led up to the burn on his finger.  I have already ‘named and shamed’ the perpetrator of the event as being Osborn, but I thought I would share the actual video evidence of what led up to Harry’s nasty injury.

We were all enjoying the fabulous, impromptu bonfire party last Saturday and I’d been asked by Pippa to buy marshmallows, which I had duly done.  When the bonfire was in full swing I decided it was time to unveil them and allow everyone to have fun toasting them.  Maybe this was my biggest mistake of the day but fire toasted marshmallows are just THE best, and having not anticipated any huge risk, I was happy to let them get on with it.

Photographic evidence of Osborn’s marshmallow toasting technique!

I believe the above illustrates only too well how Osborn’s new patented method of toasting was bound to end in disaster, doing anything backwards near a blazing fire with your bum in the air is never going to end well, and frankly the sheer ferocity of the fire was the reason they were attempting it in the first place!  Apparently a burnt bum was preferable to a burnt face!

The next video shows clearly Pippa assuming said ‘bum upwards’ position in order to test his method for both practicality and eventual positivity of result.  At least she had the courtesy to stay well away from the the crowd sitting around the fire as opposed to Osborn who saw fit to wave his branch (not pictured) around in the very close vicinity of all present.

Pippa demonstrating above mentioned technique!!!

And so it was that Harry would be seen with his finger shoved into a beer bottle, it being the only cold thing to hand until someone went and fetched a bag of chopped mixed veg from the freezer.  This afforded him some comfort at least although the damage had been done and the burn was, indeed, deep.

But sometimes we have to learn the hard way and Osborn has certainly learnt that wielding a large branch with scalding hot marshmallows on the end is not the best idea he’s ever come up with, although it pales into insignificance compared to the day he set fire to a full petrol can (more on that one in the sequel to Unravelled!).

Fortunately the events of the day weren’t overshadowed by any of the negatives and Harry was indeed a very brave boy and didn’t make too much of a fuss over his ‘toasted’ finger.  

Osborn and fire?  Never a good combination!

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