Osborn and ‘Glamping’!

SO…..we spent the whole of yesterday filming!!!  Can’t say why yet but the Mad Shanks Household was on it’s usual good form and the out takes are hilarious!!  Lots of fun and laughter and great footage.  We all can’t wait to hear the outcome but things are looking good!  Keep your fingers crossed for us everyone!

Osborn was on form last night having heard that you can now go ‘Glamping’ at Warwick Castle!  ‘That’s not camping!’ he declared ‘Why would anyone want to go pretend camping?’.  I rashly decided to try to offer an explanation (I never learn!) and suggested that some people would enjoy that kind of holiday?  I really should have known better, the whole journey was spent discussing his usual rigid view that camping is camping and you might as well stay in a hotel if you’re not going to do it properly!  No amount of trying to point out that we’re all different and enjoy different things was going to open his mind up!  I even pointed out that camping wasn’t exactly my idea of fun times so the idea of turning up to lovely tent already set up with all amenities already in place was definitely the only type of camping I would like to do.  It was to no avail, he was adamant!

Lot’s of stress at home at the moment.  Girls all on edge with auditions for The Voice coming up for Lorie and Mirie as a duo and Nikita solo.  Good luck to them all!  Mirie has her Amda audition on Saturday so she’s on tenterhooks about both!  They’re all working in Bristol tomorrow for an event company I know and Nikita is off to Birmingham for a residential trip today. All along with an award ceremony for Lorie and Mirie tonight, the ASD monthly meeting, meeting at Nikita’s school and blood test all today!  My bed is already beckoning me!!

I would say ‘Roll on quieter times’ but I know they’ll never come!  As always, we’ll get there in the end!!

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