Osborn, autism and……..what was I doing?

Osborn’s not happy!

Osborn is not happy!  I blogged recently about the similarities between him and Sheldon from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and vowed to never tell him!  Sadly, it slipped out last night and he instantly rushed to the computer to look it up, serves him right for not reading his own mother’s blog in my view.  Anyway, he took one look at the photo of him I’d put up to demonstrate the visual likeness (which is uncanny!) and stomped off in a huff.  He then reappeared and demanded I change the picture, I assured him that was no problem but he then suddenly decided the only way to his heart was to remove the entire blog!

My response to that one was less reassuring as I told him in no uncertain terms that Osborn v Sheldon was one of my most popular blogs so it was staying put!  What made the whole episode even funnier was that his behaviour throughout was about as ‘Sheldon-like’ as you could get!

There he is!  No doubt he won’t like this one either!!

Bless him!

Anyone who knows Osborn is aware that he is THE most adorable teenage boy you could possibly wish to meet.  He’s recently joined Explorers and absolutely loves it.  He volunteers to help every time they are asked and does whatever is asked of him at all times, even at home!  Whenever I mutter something about the bins needing to be emptied etc….he’s immediately on it.  Now, whether he stays on it or gets distracted by something is another matter, it doesn’t take much to make him wander off onto another project that has caught his attention.  I’ve experimented in the past and waited to see how long it takes him to remember to do something, trust me, it can be days!

On the flip side however, he hates to be reminded.  This creates a less than perfect situation when it comes to reminding him to do things that really are urgent or very important.  It’s only very recently that he’s started to make it out the waiting taxi for school wearing his shoes!  His normal routine was to walk barefoot down the drive and put them on in the taxi, even with snow on the ground!  His reason was always the same “I forgot”.

A lovely experiment

I love all of my children so much it hurts but being a house full of women with only one male does make Osborn a bit of a curiosity.  We’ve all watched him mature with a mixture of wonder and bewilderment, the male of the species.  He’s grown up under the scrutiny of 7 hormonally challenged females so I guess some of his numerous idiosyncrasies are explained that way, add to that his autism and then bear in mind that he’s a real life scientific genius and I guess he’s going to be ‘a little bit different’!

Different, he certainly is…..adore him, we definitely do…..add the words ‘bless him’ when we say his name?…….OFTEN!!!!!

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