Osborn v Sheldon – Big Bang Theory

Big bang theory and Osborn!

Being my only boy, Osborn is something of a curiousity around here!  He lives with 7 women, bless him, but is about as ‘alpha male’ as you can possibly imagine.  He’s also a scientist which is in stark contrast to the rest of us who have inherited my family’s and their fathers predisposition towards performing.  Not only does he live with 7 females, they are also 7, very lively, all singing, all dancing, slightly scatty females!  He rolls his eyes regularly at their frequent ‘blonde’ moments with regard to anything practical or remotely science based.  He has all of the answers to everything, how it works, why it works etc…etc…

I personally very rarely watch TV, a combination of lack of time and the feeling I have better things to do when I do watch it.  One thing I do sometimes get caught up in though is ‘The Big Bang Theory’.  It’s because Sheldon reminds me so much of Osborn, in the best possible way.  Anyone who has watched it knows that Sheldon is an autistic genius and is not only very matter of fact about everything but also takes everything very literally, very autistic qualities!

Osborn and Sheldon…..spot the difference!

Osborn’s ‘Sheldon’ moments

We have a lot of fun with Osborn when he has his very frequent ‘Sheldon’ moments.  He pretends to object to the comparison but I think he secretly quite likes it and is actually quite flattered!  Every time he has one we all glance at each other and giggle, shouting in unison “Sheldon!”.  He then rounds on us, protesting loudly that he’s nothing like Sheldon but it’s always accompanied by a little smile playing at the corners of his mouth. 

Last night he had a classic ‘Sheldon’ moment.  Nikita, Osborn and myself were having a conversation about the programme he was engrossed in on TV.  He’d paused it so he didn’t miss anything…it was a programme about scientists and what it is about how their brain works that predisposes them to become a scientist.  It was actually a fascinating programme and I did stop to catch a few minutes when the world renowned researcher on Autism, Simon Baron-Cohen appeared.  Bearing in mind the subject matter of the documentary, what ensued was even funnier than usual.  Mid conversation he suddenly said “I’m going to carry on watching this now”, very matter of fact and just turned full on to the TV again and re-started it. 

Not amused…

Nikita and I both fell into hysterical laughter, looked at each other and in unison said “SHELDON!”.  Osborn….looking mildly irritated that we’d interrupted his programme yet again rounded on us and told us that he was not like Sheldon!  This sent us into ever more hysterical laughter and when he asked why we were laughing it finished us off.  Once we’d regained our composure sufficiently to talk we explained that suddenly cutting a conversation short and returning to another task is such a Sheldon thing to do.  He retorted with “I thought the conversation was over?”, it wasn’t, but his lack of ability to spot the natural breaks in conversation that we all take for granted meant, in his head, it was logical to return to the TV.

We all absolutely adore Osborn, he’s a real star in every way and I have the greatest respect for him but he does make us laugh frequently.  But then, who knows, maybe one day he’ll find the cure for cancer or something similarly life changing and it’s very likely he will do something extraordinary in his life. 

Osborn….we’re only messing with you…..please don’t change a thing about yourself!!

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