Ox Bow Lakes ?????!!!!

Geography seems to be a funny subject these days.  When I was at school we learnt about clouds etc…but we did also learn where the continents were and what they were called and where different countries are.  Times seem to have changed as numerous conversations with my children have proved over and over again.

Now I didn’t have a huge interest in Geography when I was at school so didn’t exactly excel at the subject but I did pass and came out of school with a fairly rounded knowledge on the subject.  What fascinates me though ( and as you’ve already realised if you read this blog regularly it doesn’t take much to raise my interest ! ) is that whenever you mention the phrase ‘Ox Bow Lake’ to absolutely anyone they give you that knowing look and say “Oh yes….I know all about them !”.

Further enquiry though leads to the realisation that the majority of people have never actually seen one !  I’m very proud to announce that I’ve actually seen 2 in my life and my level of excitement at discovering them was totally disproportionate to the subject !

So why do we all know what an Ox Bow lake is ( including my children ) but when you ask them where a certain place is in the world they have no idea ?

Kacie thought Brazil was in Europe but then she also had no idea that GB is in Europe as well !  Lorie and Mirie went on a school exchange to the Netherlands a couple of years ago but when Lorie was asked where the Netherlands were she smugly answered that she knew it was a trick question because Netherlands doesn’t exist except in Peter Pan !!!!!

Mirie thought New York was a country and none of them had any idea that South America even existed !

Hopefully you’re getting my point ?  They all know every different cloud type there is and will tell you randomly what’s in the sky but ask them where France is in relation to us and what continent it’s in and they are completely stumped !

Surely a rough idea of what’s where should be included in the National Curriculum ( and no doubt I will now be inundated with teachers telling me it is ! ) but I can assure teachers everywhere that is just isn’t getting through !

An understanding of geology is important as is the weather and how certain weather fronts are created but please let children leave school at least with the knowledge that there are seven continents and roughly what they would find there if they visited.  Even if it’s only for the sake of their parents sanity !!

I guess the only plus side to all of this is how much hilarity the subject creates for me and they do say laughing is good for you ??!!

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