Parties of the Teenage Variety!

Parties of the Teenage Variety!

Last night my home was invaded by a group of teenagers and some a little older, not much, but a little.  There were about 30 of them, including most of my own, and the rest were friends of Nikita and Janeks, the party was a belated Birthday party for them both.  Did I approach this event with trepidation?  No, I have many teenagers past and present of my own, it’s impossible to scare me!

There were friends from college, friends from Nikita’s old school, Latvian friends of Janek’s and a couple of the children’s friends.  The first ones arrived at 6.30 so, of course, nothing was ready and they continued to arrive in drips and drabs over the next couple of hours.
There was that initial awkwardness that always occurs as people got to know each other and started to mix happily and by the time Nikita had brought the first garlic bread it was in full swing.  Trouble was, the garlic bread wasn’t cooked in the middle as Osborn found out to his disgust as he took an enormous bite from a piece.  The garlic butter in the middle was still solid!

Nikita and Janeks, my little love birds!

She hastily removed it and stuck it back in the oven to cook a bit more.  She’d had the sense to keep it simple, if a little stodgy, with garlic bread and pizza, what could go wrong?  Lots apparently.  The pizzas duly made their appearance along with properly cooked garlic bread, some a little too brown but still edible and some a looking slightly insipid.

The final pizza was placed in the oven only to have to be removed in pieces (and not pretty triangular ones either!), I mean pieces!  It had stuck to the oven shelf and refused to budge in spite of Kaitlin’s best efforts and was presented to the hungry throng piled onto plate.  No-one cared by this point as much quantities of alcohol had been consumed so I doubt if anyone even noticed.

And about the alcohol.  There wasn’t a huge amount available fortunately, I’d contributed to the drinks table but a little warily in view of the fact that some of our guests were only 17.  I’d optimistically believed I could monitor their intake but hadn’t taken into account Nikita’s personal stash in her bedroom which she was handing out with gay abandon.

The inevitable happened and a few of the girls were a little tipsy by 11 0’clock, some just becoming a wee bit hyper and another who had completely lost the use of her legs!  No problems though, I’ve been here, done this before.  It was nothing compared to a guest at one of Kacie’s parties who was so drunk that he believed every corner of the house was a urinal!  I spent several hours monitoring him for his own safety and the protection of our soft furnishings, nothing was safe from the seemingly endless rush of urine emitting from the said party goer!

So the crowd last night?  All lovely kids, every single one of them.  A really wonderful group of young people who belie the common held view that all teenagers are hell raisers.  They were a credit to themselves, even the ones who over imbibed a little, haven’t we all at that age?

I would like to say to all of them, thank you for being so respectful and doing yourselves proud.  I applaud you, you’re all welcome anytime.

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