Patience is a Virtue…..or not??

Patience is a Virtue?

The saying goes that ‘Patience is a Virtue’.  Whether it is or not is a point worth debating as I personally believe it depends on the situation, what you’re waiting for and for how long?  If we’re talking about waiting in a queue in Tesco then yes, patience is a virtue.  After all, if there isn’t an alternative checkout to use then you’re just going to have to ‘suck it up’ and wait.  If however, you’re using your patience to wait in your job for a promotion then maybe not so?

When Patience is not a Virtue

Some of us are ambitious and some of us are not.  That’s the natural order of things and there’s nothing wrong with not having any great ambition in life, I would never knock it.  However, I know a lot of people who do aspire to greater things but use the saying as an excuse to procrastinate and do nothing to further their career etc…  As a result they end up not being pro-active and getting nowhere, still saying years later that ‘Patience is a Virtue’!

  • Patience is not a virtue when waiting for an urgent medical procedure if you can push to have it sooner rather than later!
  • It’s also not a virtue when you’re relying on someone else to give their input to a project and they’ve missed your deadline
  • It’s definitely not a virtue if you’re using it as an excuse not to get on with things!


Patience being used as a virtue? Looking forward to walking!

We’ll forgive the baby, he has no choice but to be patient and wait to grow enough to get moving otherwise I’d be nagging him as well!  I’m not a patient person, I never have been.  I’ve always been a mover and shaker and working towards the next project and making things happen.  If I lived by the above philosophy I certainly wouldn’t be where I am now but I do still have to use patience where necessary.  I’m currently waiting for news on a number of huge, life changing events and I am having to be patient as there is nothing  more I can do to speed the process up. 

I can, however, get on with pushing other projects along in tandem so that I’m not just treading water waiting for something to happen.

Don’t use being patient as an excuse

I would suggest taking a hard, honest look at your motives next time you find yourself quoting this saying and decide whether it’s actually valid in your particular situation or could you actually do something to speed things up?  Very often you may find that actually Patience isn’t such a Virtue and you are, in fact, just procrastinating.  Take this short quiz to analyse yourself and help you to determine what kind of procrastinator you are.

A lot of sayings in life are extremely valid and good philosophies to live by but there’s never any harm in questioning the status quo occasionally.  Sometimes keeping an open mind on everything is a good way to shake yourself up and analyse your motives.  You may suddenly realise that actually you’re living by a philosophy that doesn’t always apply! 

What’s the saying?  Your mind is like a parachute, it works better when it’s open!!! Hmmmmm……….

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