Peace and Quiet is great…….right?

Peace and quiet is great!  As I sit here in my dream office, all alone, no distractions, time and space to get my thoughts together, I feel somehow……well, weird?  It’s far too quiet, even with the noise of the scaffolding going up next door and the cars driving past, it still feels strange, as though I’m cocooned in a bubble, isolated from the outside world.

Am I moaning?  No, not at all, I need to be able to think without constant interruptions and distractions, it’s just that I hadn’t realised how much ‘getting used to’ it would take!  I dreamily thought I’d move in, hit the gas pedal and be moving at 1000 miles and hour, just like Bloodhound  (if you don’t know what that is watch Henry Moorhead’s TEDx talk, it’s amazing!) straight away……I was wrong!  I need time to adjust to being in my own head and not constantly having to get inside someone else’s.

Eight people live in our house with a constant flow of ‘extras’, friends, kids partners etc….the house is never empty, what sitting here alone has shown me is that, I actually like that!  I love my children’s company, we make each other laugh, we comfort each other when we’re low and we work together to solve each other’s problems.  We also disagree with each other and annoy each other just as any family does, we just don’t ‘fall out’ for too long.

Fortunately, I won’t be here on my own for much longer, whilst it’s a ‘silent office’, Kacie Shanks Designs will have their studio here, Maid in Kenilworth will run from here and Relative Blue will be working on their newest songs from here.  Lots of activity but no cats, no mess, no outside distractions, just the buzz of accomplishment and moving forward!

New office, new work life for all of us and the space to achieve our individual dreams…..what’s not to love?

Watch my TEDx talk here:-


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