Perfectionism and endless questions!

Parents evening……..

The once termly Parents Evening was last night and I’m one of those fortunate parents who can actually look forward to the event and know that the feedback will be positive!  Lots of teachers to see with 2 children to cover but the whole thing was a delight.

Every teacher delivered the same news, both doing very well, well behaved, polite and hard working.  What more could I wish for?  Only 1 criticism for each, for Pippa it was from her creative teachers, she has fabulous creative ideas but is so much of a perfectionist that she never manages to complete her work!  I guess that’s not real criticism, being a perfectionist can stand you in very good stead in some walks of life, it’s just that in order to be graded properly she needs to have completed the project!

Pippa….too much of a perfectionist but a great quality for her Microscopy series online!

For Osborn it was that he talks too much, asks too many questions and goes into too much detail.  Well, that’s Osborn for you!  He does talk too much (down to living with so many women?), he does ask too many questions but it’s his probing mind, the same one that will make him an amazing scientist one day!  And his obsession with detail, well…..once again… will assist him when he’s older, it’s just trying for his teachers!  Especially his history teacher when he’s talking about something and Osborn is badgering him to use the correct scientific term!

Osborn….asks too many questions!

His science teacher also talked about the extra work she gave Osborn on complicated  things normally covered at ‘A’ level to which Osborn’s response is always “Fantastic!”.  He just loves it and soaks up facts and figures like a sponge, actually, they both do!  His love of learning does give her a huge amount of extra work though.

It’s probably down to their Autism, their brains work faster than ours and seem to be able to just devour any information they’re given.  I admire them for this quality greatly, amongst many others even though it can be very annoying when they remember things you wished they would forget!  And Osborn’s constant questioning of things already covered and (I believe) put to bed can be tiring, we had the discussion about which lane SHOULD be called the inside lane again last night on our way to school.

But I wouldn’t change a thing about any of them!  I love them all for their very own unique personalities, quirks and all, it makes life more interesting having kids that have no desire to talk about the weather and, instead, want to debate much wider reaching issues.

I regard myself as being very fortunate….xxxxxxxx

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