Periscope, why you need it and why you shouldn’t be afraid of it…..

Why you need Periscope!

Periscope is one of those ‘new fangled’ social media gadgets that we’ve all, kind of, heard of, but mostly don’t have a clue as to how to use it or why!  I was one such person, in the darkest recesses of my brain I had a feeling that this could be quite a useful tool but couldn’t actually put my finger on exactly what I would use it for.

My first Periscope was a bit ‘off course’!  I’ll improve!

Enter Spaghetti Agency and their Periscope course which I was lucky enough to be able to attend yesterday morning.  After arriving unfashionably late and having to confess to being awake, and then not being awake, and then being woken again by Osborn telling me it was 8am and why wasn’t I up, I settled into trying to work out how to use Periscope on a technical level, having it explained to me why I needed to use it and then being given tips on how to make the best use of it.  I’m not exactly a technophobe, far from it, but it seemed like an awful lot to take in at first glance.

I shouldn’t have been concerned, Todd and Jo run the best courses I’ve ever attended and I always come out knowing exactly what I need to know, and able to put into practice whatever it is that they’ve taught me.

Having understood why I need it and experimenting with it a little on my phone, Todd decided we should do a live Periscope there and then…..great idea!  And it was a great idea until I did what I do best and opened my mouth live on Periscope, and announced to whoever was listening, that I was going to bite the bullet and do my first live Periscope that evening at 7pm.  It was out of my mouth before I knew it so, there I was, committed and totally unprepared for a live broadcast that evening at the Purple Monster Christmas Party in Leamington.

I never learn, but then maybe that’s a good thing?  Sometimes you do have to just jump in head first and ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’?  I brought my kids up with this quote and ‘action conquers fear’, on which note I would like to offer a word of friendly advice.  Be careful what you teach your kids because it will come back to bite you on the bum at some stage in the future.  Heaven help me if I ever happen to to hint that fear is holding me back from doing something, I have 7 of the little blighters ganging up on me and telling me to ‘man up’ according to my own teachings!  I am never, ever allowed to wimp out of anything!

Anyway, promise made and Todd chasing me to make sure I did it, I managed to find a selfie stick (recommended kit) but no microphone and stand (also recommended kit!) and headed off to the party after a disastrous test before I left!

Todd and I believed that we had sorted the sound issue with a lot of technical assistance from the man himself but as 7pm arrived and I started I was being bombarded by people telling me there was no sound?  Ugh……failure number one!  After a couple of minutes we solved that one but the light was bad and the background noise very loud.

But I did it!  I had a conversation with Ryan Hildebrandt who organised the TEDx Leamington Spa conference and Alan Heap, our very own resident ‘Licensed Fool’ further to his TEDx talk on the subject.  

Just for the record, I’ve watched it back, it isn’t great and not many people tuned in, but it doesn’t matter.  It wasn’t scary, it was very easy, I Iearnt a huge amount about what not to do and had a fascinating conversation with 2 of my favourite people!

Next time will be much better and I plan to use Periscope as a brilliant resource for sharing ideas, hints and tips on various subjects with whoever wants to listen.  If you’re interested in tuning in, I’ll be posting times etc…on Facebook and Twitter, so keep yours eyes open, and if you do tune in, please send me a few hearts, it makes me feel loved!

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