Persistence….good or bad?


Persistence is the key to most things in life, without it we give up!  Give up eating, give up breathing, give up anything really!  So, persist we must, even with the little things.  

Persistence has been a common theme around here this week due to my book, ‘Unravelled‘, coming out at last.  It’s been nearly 2 years since I started writing it and there were many times I could happily have given up on the project, it’s only thanks to my amazing agent Andrew Lownie and my brilliant ghost Lynne Barrett-Lee that I didn’t.

My book… last!

I’ve always taught my children that if they want something they must persist against all odds or risk falling into the trap of not pursuing their dreams.  It can be so hard but believing you can achieve something comes before any action and persistence is what keeps you going come what may.

And people will throw all kinds of obstacles and objections in your way.  ‘You can’t achieve that’, ‘You need to set your sights a bit lower’ etc….etc….  Do it anyway I say!  People do succeed against all the odds constantly, so why shouldn’t you?  Why shouldn’t any of us?

Having the guts to keep going and the determination to do whatever it takes are the keys, and if you understand that, then the sky is the limit whatever people would like to tell you.

So, persistence is a great thing?  Absolutely…..but as Pippa so rightly pointed out when she suggested the theme for today’s blog, persistence in some things is an absolute pain!

DOH?  Doesn’t that go against everything I’ve just said?  Well, no, she was referring to the very persistent weeds in our garden!  Persistent and indestructible it would seem.  Copious amounts of weedkiller haven’t made a dent in their determination to do their duty as a weed and grow as tall and wide as possible!  If it wasn’t for the fact that my favourite thing is to sit and work in the garden at this time of year it’s probably the one thing I would give up on!

As it is I love my garden and have dream to sit one day in the sunshine with a beautiful (weed free) garden listening to the, currently defunct, fountain bubbling away.  Looking at it at the moment it is a distant dream indeed!  Not looking likely to gain any input from me in the near future either, TV film crews, radio interviews, TV interviews, magazine articles are all standing between me and my weeding (Phew!).  I know which I would rather be doing anyway, subtle hint, it’s not the back breaking weeding bit!

All the press activity is great fun and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself, long may it continue!  And if you have read the book, do feel free to leave a review on Amazon, I would genuinely love to hear what you thought of it, good or bad!

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