Peter Pan and the Netherlands!

All things…well…Kacie!!

My beautiful second daughter is Kacie.  She is as adorable as all of her siblings, eternally sweet, thoughtful and considerate.  However, she does have her moments and recently she has had a few!  I refer to what is fondly known in our house as ‘one of those’!

They kind of go along the lines of “Oh….doesn’t it rain above the clouds then?” or,”I thought New York was a country?”, ably displaying her considerable geographic skills.  Mind you, that wasn’t as bad as the day Lorie was asked where the Netherlands were.  Bearing in mind that she had actually been on a school exchange to the Netherlands her reply was even more hilarious than it otherwise would have been.  She said, with a considerable amount of arrogance “That’s a trick question! That only exists in Peter Pan!”.  Those of us ‘in the know’ were on the floor in hysterics, it was a good 5 minutes before we were able to gather ourselves enough to tell her where her she had erred.


According to Lorie this is the Netherlands!!

Kacie and I were recently sitting in The Almanack having a coffee when I leant back and felt something on my back.  I looked round and said “The Rubber plant is attacking me”.  Kacie’s reply was “No…it’s real”.  I looked at her in puzzlement and reiterated that the Rubber plant was indeed attacking me.  Once again she assured me that the plant was real to which I confirmed that I knew it was a real plant.  We looked at each other baffled until it dawned on me that she thought I was saying it was an artificial plant!  I had to explain that they are actually called Rubber plants after which we both fell into fits of giggles.

Only a couple of days later we were in the car and having just passed her theory test she was on her phone looking at the cost of insurance.  As she went through the lengthy process she came to a question asking whether the car was a left or right hand drive?  She looked at me, looked at the steering wheel and confidently announced that it was a left hand drive car.  My adopted son, Chris, was sitting in the back and I struggled to maintain control  through the fits of laughter we were both dealing with.  Kacie just looked at us bewildered.  Suddenly a look of realisation struck her face and she said “Oh….it’s a right hand drive isn’t it?”.

Oh boy!  It amazes me that I haven’t been put in a straight jacket and certified.  Kacie is severely Dyslexic and over the years it has brought much amusement to me.  She still remembers the day in school when they were playing hangman and she was on the board.  She’d chosen the words ‘PARTY POPPER’ but as the children were giving her letters it came out as ‘PARTY POOPER’.  She never lived it down, bless her.  We all make fun of each other but it’s all very good humoured, sometimes it’s only our innate sense of humour that gets us through the days.  Long live laughter I say!

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