Please protect our young ladies and bring back ‘real’ women?

Girls and Bodies!

Picture this scene.  Jamie and Kacie are standing almost naked next to each other in front of the mirror comparing their bodies.  Nothing too odd about that so far, they are, of course, sisters so it’s probably perfectly natural?

Bear in mind that Jamie is a good 4″ taller than Kacie, she’s the one that inherited my height whilst the rest take after Paul’s side and are more petite.  Petite is lovely but not in Kacie’s eyes.  She doesn’t want to be petite, she wants to be tall like Jamie but genetics have conspired against her!

Marilyn Monroe complete with ‘real’ women’s tummy!!

Body image perception

So…they’re comparing which parts of their bodies are at the same level as Kacie has this idea in her head that her legs are short and out of proportion to the rest of her body.  They compared their heights and then where the tops of their legs are in relation to each other.  Then they moved on to other parts!  Kacie’s hips are obviously lower than Jamie’s but to her disgust she then realised that her knees are at the same height as hers?  This meant in her head that her thighs are too short!

Kacie is constantly worrying about her body and is currently on a workout campaign to tone everything up.  She is in actual fact, beautiful.  She gets the hottest boyfriends (current one included!) without making any effort!  She dresses to suit herself, not other people, and on a night out with her sisters is always the one wearing very little make up, and maybe grudgingly, a dress.  But still the men flock around her regardless.  Concluding maybe that ‘less is more’?

Time for change

If my daughters can have body image problems it’s no wonder most girls these days do.  They’ve seen first hand how photographers can do absolutely anything with a photograph these days with computer technology.  They understand more than most that the photos in glossy magazines have been manipulated in the extreme to create unrealistic images that are totally unattainable to anyone.  I applaud the handful of companies that are starting to use ‘real’ women in their advertising but sadly it may be too little too late.  The massive increase in eating disorders is in direct proportion to modern day use of technology to create ‘perfect’ looking women added to the fact that most ‘celebrities’ these days are stick thin.

I’m definitely not advocating obesity but there is a ‘normal’ womanly shape that should be embraced by everyone before it’s too late for our younger generations.  We need to take the pressure off women everywhere but especially the most vulnerable younger group.  And if you have daughter with body concerns, take her seriously because you can’t brush over it.  Maybe a peek at the internet at a few before and after photos would help allay her fears and show her pictures of the woman who is regarded as being the sexiest woman of all time, Marilyn Monroe.  Photos of her show a healthy size 12/14 woman with curves in all the right places who men still worship to this day long after her death.  Let’s bring back ‘real’ women before we lose them forever?

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