Podcasts…..and why taking action changes lives

Doing something new…..

I’ve never been much into Podcasts, I tend to prefer videos,  but when I was asked if I would do one I was more than happy to oblige, in fact, I felt extremely honoured as it’s a new set of Podcasts being created by my good friend Ryan Hildebrandt, the founder of TEDx Leamington Spa.  I hold him in high esteem as someone who makes things happen so I guess it’s fitting that the series of Podcasts he’s created are called ‘The Maker’s Journey’.



We’e still on our journey but watch this space for some exciting things coming up soon!

Why Podcasts?

And, of course, the inevitable has happened and I’m now an avid Podcast listener!  It’s so convenient to listen on phone on the train and or whilst waiting for something (in hospital with my daughter recently is a very good example!), much easier and less battery life than videos.  And you can learn so much on so many different subjects from some fascinating people, all with just a phone and a set of earphones!

Small actions change lives……

My Podcast traces my journey back from when I took our local paper to tribunal over the piece they wrote about my husband’s inquest, they sensationalised the story and revealed information that my (then) very young children hadn’t needed to know at such a young age.  I was disgusted as it caused my children a huge amount of stress and unhappiness when their peers started being so cruel about the way their father had taken his life.  It was too late to help my family but I hoped they would think again when reporting on anything similar and consider the family’s feelings.  I won and received a retraction in a later issue of the newspaper.  The point that Ryan wanted to make was that I took action instead of just having a moan on Facebook, which would have been the easy option, but wouldn’t have helped anyone.

As a result I was asked to do more press pieces which led to radio interviews which led to   writing a book which led to TV interviews, making a film, doing a TED talk and having a small voice which some people listen to in my quest to change people’s perceptions when it comes to mental health, Autism and Neurodivergence.

My dream is still to change the world and in some very small ways I have changed some lives, I just want to do so much more!  Small things can make a huge differences do listen to my Podcast at ‘The Maker’s Journey’ and please do leave a comment, good or bad, feedback is essential if we’re to grow!



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