Poor Harry!

Undeserved mishaps

Sometimes minor mishaps happen to people and we laugh at the ‘Karma’ of the situation, other times stuff happens which really isn’t deserved at all.  One of our throng have had, not one, but two of these recently!

Poor old Harry has been the victim of both occurrences at a time in his life when it really isn’t ‘Karma’, it’s just incredible bad luck (and a lack of concentration by Osborn!).  This at a time when he has worked really hard to help us get the house organised once and for all and actually deserves some good luck.

The first incident was on Saturday evening during the bonfire party when Osborn decided that he should use a small branch to toast multiple marshmallows in a time and motion exercise to save time.  A good idea in principle as getting near enough to the fire in the first place was a real challenge but turned out to be not so good when he swung round and managed to catch Harry on the finger with one of them.  Obviously they were burning hot so as it was sticky the resulting burn was very deep and very painful….ouch!!

The nasty burn on his finger and Harry’s impersonation of ‘Lurch’!….OUCH!!

The second one was just as bad, he was clearing the lobby when 2 wasps appeared from no-where as they are inclined to do.  Simultaneously, one nose dived down Osborn’s tee-shirt, which sent him careering down the lane whilst wrestling to remove it and extricate the offending insect.  The second one decided Harry’s head looked like a good place to settle and as he tried to remove it, got thoroughly peed off and stung him right next to his eye.

The resultant swelling was both dramatic and alarming and a visit to the local GP was sensibly deemed to be appropriate.  The doctor informed him that it would remain swollen for a couple of days and be a lot more painful the next day, but it wasn’t dangerous.

It certainly was extremely painful the next day and Harry was consigned to lie down on the settee until the pain subsided a little which eventually it did, that was until the painkillers wore off!  Bless him….he couldn’t open his eye at all and had to take time off work which pleased him none.

I’m not sure if there are any morals in this tale?  Except to remind my pyromaniacly (is there such a word?) inclined son to watch how he swings burning objects around….again!  It’s a lesson he should well and truly have learnt by now anyway as our mishaps with fire have been an enduring theme in our lives.   And the wasp?  Hmph….they seem to exist only to make our lives a little more interesting every summer as we all turn into arm flailing lunatics every time one comes near us!  Harry was just the subject of pure bad luck on that one.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t go for the ‘things happening in three’s’ thing!!  May the force be with you Harry!

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