Pride of Warwick District Awards

I received some gobsmacking news yesterday…I’m a finalist in the Pride of Warwick District Awards for Carer of the Year!!  I’m against some amazing competition so I’m sure that I won’t win but I do feel very proud and honoured that my children and a close friend took the time and cared enough to nominate me.  I’m not quite sure what I’ve done to deserve such an accolade but I feel very humbled and a huge Thank You to Touch FM and the judges.  I’m really looking forward to what I know will be a fabulous evening at the Chesford Grange and I do know that there are still some tickets available for anyone who wants a fabulous night out.

I’m still recovering from that piece of news along with more exciting news that I still can’t talk about!!!  Life is a real rollercoaster at the moment with so much going on.  Nikita went on a school trip to London yesterday and came back with fabulous pictures of her taken outside 10 Downing Street.  I did point out to her that she would be living there one day!!  Pippa is at Drayton Manor today on her school trip no doubt having the time of her life!

Osborn and Nikita are still frantically delivering 1200 brochures around Kenilworth.  Taking longer than we realised because so many houses are so hard to find and even get to!  On talking to Osborn it became very apparent that they are taking the whole thing very seriously when he announced that he spent half an hour trying to work out how to get to a house that he could see but couldn’t find a door to.  They’re also ringing every doorbell in every block of flats to make sure everyone gets their booklet…..such dedication!!  Hopefully the whole thing will be finished by tonight, mum’s taxi has run out of petrol and mum has run out of steam!

Osborn is also currently avoiding talking to me about anything controversial just in case I blog about it!  He’s banned me! ( well….at least he thinks he has…)  He’ll let his guard down soon and be back on his game again.  He’s so brilliant, I hang on his every word!  I just love sharing some of the stuff he and all the others come out with.

Book proposal to finish tweaking so back tomorrow!

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