It’s Nikita’s prom tomorrow night.  Gone are the days of a school disco to celebrate the passage of childhood to adulthood and saying goodbye to the good, the bad and the ugly that constituted the mottled assortment of classmates you’d spent the last five years with.  Instead we’re now subjected to the American style ‘Prom’.  This, apparently, necessitates hiring limousines, spray tans, expensive hair do’s, eyebrow waxing, expensive prom dresses, expert make up (thank god I was a make up artist in a former life!) and any other random beauty treatment they can manage to dream up!

Having been through four girls attending ‘prom’ already I should have been better prepared for this one.  Sadly, too much work and a miscellany of a multitude of other goings on in The Mad Shanks Family Residence means that it has crept up on me from behind and bitten me on the proverbial bum!  OUCH!!!

The dress arrives today, haircut booked for this afternoon at 5, trying to get ‘Ren’ to do eyebrows and Kacie making petticoat for dress.  All hands on deck so to speak!

So….armed with false lashes and make up bag I await the big day with a mixture of excitement and trepidation.  Having Osborn and Pippa’s parents evening tomorrow as well doesn’t make life any easier but we’ll work it out, we always do!!

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