Proud mum!

Exciting but daunting

Mirie came flying into my bedroom late last night bouncing off the ceiling with excitement.  What had caused this exuberance?  She’s been offered a place with a scholarship at AMDA, one of the top acting academies in America!  This is fantastic news except the fees are the cost of a new house even with the scholarship.  How I wish I had the means to just pay them for her but sadly I can’t even contribute.  She’s got to work incredibly hard to try and get sponsorship and work every hour she can to earn as much as possible towards the fees.  I’ll help her as much as I can but I wish her every success with getting the money she needs, she deserves the chance and has the talent to do incredibly well!

So….it’s all happening!

So, on Monday Nikita starts mainstream college, Osborn starts his GCSE’s and Mirie starts in earnest working towards achieving her dream.  Busy times ahead!  Osborn has his sights set on going to Cambridge, Nikita wants to be a world famous performer along with her sisters, Jamie, Lorie and Mirie (Pippa hasn’t decided yet?) and Kacie wants to be a top fashion designer.  Is it my fault that they all have such enormous ambitions?  Probably.  I’ve never been one myself to settle for second best and I have brought the children up to believe that they can achieve whatever they decide to achieve as long as they are persistent, dedicated and prepared to do whatever it takes to get there.  They’ve obviously taken this on board!  None of them have a ‘Plan B’ either!  Something else I don’t believe in.  Most people settle for their ‘Plan B’ because it turns out to be easier, if you don’t have an alternative you’re more likely to do whatever it takes to make ‘Plan A’ work.  I’m aware how many people will disagree with me but….hey ho…you can’t please all the people all the time!

Plan A often goes out of the window!


Will they get there?


Who knows?  If they don’t then it won’t be without trying!  They’re all  very determined so we’ll see.  I’ve always told them that I’ll push them if they ask me to otherwise I’ll stand back and offer advice and suggestions where appropriate.  They often come to me and ask me to push them towards a particular goal so I happily nag away with their willing consent!  When they ask me to back off I happily do.  It works well for us and as their mother highly gratifying to see them making strides towards their chosen path.  I wish them all a successful life in whatever they decide is right for them. 

Children, I love and admire you all very much and I’m proud to be your mother.



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