Random men and sicky kids !!

Well….good morning !!!  The sun is well and truly out here and it’s actually warm !  Stating the obvious for all of you also enjoying it but I’m so surprised to see it that I had to comment !

The title of today’s blog may sound a little random ?  Well, life in ‘The Mad Shanks Residence’ is always, without fail, random to say the least but some days are a little worse than others !

Mirie, bless her, was sick yesterday, unbeknown to me because it happened whilst she was out for rehearsals for ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ which they are performing for the next five nights.  It started with a severed headache and culminated with her vomiting.  In a parallel universe ( known as home ! ) Osborn was uncharacteristically lying on the settee complaining of a violent headache.  He’s never ill so this was something of concern for me.  having done all of the usual tests to establish that I wasn’t dealing with Meningitis I suggested he go to bed.  A few minutes later I heard Nikita screaming for me to come quickly as Osborn was throwing up.  I dashed upstairs and sure enough the poor child was sitting on the loo with a bowl in front of him full to the brim and vomit everywhere….and I mean everywhere !  He was covered, the floor was covered, the walls were covered, the basin was covered and in the middle of the chaos sat Osborn looking incredibly forlorn apologising for the mess !

I reassured him that the mess was the least of my worries and took him and a large bowl to my bedroom and plonked him into my bed.  Twenty minutes and numerous buckets of water later and the bathroom was back to normal.

That wasn’t the end of it, I woke up this morning feeling somewhat queasy with a headache brewing and when I arrived downstairs Lorie was sitting on the settee, bowl in hand…..yep, throwing up !  She’s got the show tonight and was trying to get herself to the point where she could leave for college with Mirie.  I strongly suggested that she should lie down and recover well enough to be able to perform tonight.  She has no option, it’s a small theatre company and no understudy so somehow she has to well enough !!  I feel for her as she has one of the lead roles !

Anyway, enough about vomit and apologies to those of your who were eating your porridge when you read this.

Ah yes, the random men !  With so many teenage girls I’m used to getting up in the morning and being greeted by various people who make a head count impossible to conduct.  When you have seven children you can’t help but do a head count in the morning and this morning all seven were present and correct ( a rare occurrence ! ) but I had extras !  Chris ( a friend of Kacie’s ) appeared from nowhere and gave me a hug, then another one I vaguely recognised popped his head round the corner and said hello shielding his ‘bits’ from me as apparently he was only wearing his pants !!

It was then suggested that I should go upstairs and see if Jamie was OK ?  This I duly did but when I opened the door there were two people in her bed and the male of the species was not Jake, Jamie’s boyfriend !  My Good Morning yielded no fruit in terms of a response so I went to investigate who the ‘random male’ was.  I immediately recognised him as a friend of Jamie’s but why and how he made his way into her bed remains a mystery that I guess will be solved later when she finally surfaces nursing a hangover !

The random males can be a little challenging at times but in a house where the only male is only 14 it can have it’s advantages !  I tend to grab any male passing through the house to help with odd jobs that a man can perform to a better standard than I can !  I’ve taught myself over the years to be able to do most things but there are some that just need that male touch !!  They have their uses and all know that the price they pay for being a Shanks girl ‘boyfriend’ is that they have to earn their keep doing boy stuff !  Bless them, they all comply and very rarely moan ( well sometimes ! ).

….and now I’ve just received a call from Nikita’s school as she’s now not well so I have to go and pick her up.  See you all tomorrow !!

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