Resorting to Pigeon Post!

How Times Change?

Our Internet isn’t working and you would think we’d just been told the end of the world is imminent and there is no escape.  Like every modern family these days, our lives revolve around the little black box in the corner of the house and when it starts playing up, it’s nothing less than a tragedy.

We’re totally lost without our 3 little blue lights!!

Our connection was lost on Friday so this is day 3 of ‘wilderness living’ in ‘The Mad Shanks Household’ and  the natives are not happy, even though the connection is promised to be re-established tomorrow.

And modern, indispensable items do seem to creep up on us from behind.  It feels like only a couple of years ago that we had no phone in our family home and the only means of communicating with anyone else at distance was to walk into the village and use the little red box on the green.  This normally following an arrangement with a friend to ring their phone box at a certain pre-arranged time, very few people had a home phone in those days.  

Now, I can not only ring people from absolutely anywhere I choose, I can be contacted everywhere, anywhere and at any time as well!  There is no escape and even my emails pop up wherever I am, prompting me to feel that I should instantly respond to anything even remotely urgent at the split second I receive it……very stressful!

Yet I’m still accused of being hard to get hold of!  I have a land line, a mobile phone, email, Facebook, Twitter and endless other means of communication, I don’t know what else I can do to make myself as available as possible apart from sitting permanently at home next to my land line.  

I guess O2 could go a long way towards making their network more reliable, it would certainly help.  At home we’re the people from the advert hanging precariously over the pond trying to get a signal and the sight of everyone running out of the back door in order to avoid losing the connection every time their phone rings can be hilarious.  But we’re so dependent on the wretched things that that is exactly what we do in all weathers.

Am I saying I miss the good old days?  No, not at all, I couldn’t do what I do now without the benefit of the World Wide Web, email and Google, so no, I don’t hanker after simpler times, I love technology and gadgets.  What I do feel a little trapped by is an admitted dependency on something over which I have no control.  Take the Internet away from me and you’ve stolen my life, everything I do revolves around it and our home takes on a very different persona when the people in it are not able to contact their friends via the ether.

The Internet is a wonderful and powerful tool, abused occasionally, obviously, as any good thing will always be, but none the less a giants leap away from pigeon post and smoke signals.  But I suppose the Internet is a bit like a car, great when it’s working properly and an absolute pain and life changing when it breaks down.  

So here’s to our Internet connection being successfully restored tomorrow and life returning to normal without frequent trips into the local coffee shop in order to get on-line.  It pleases them with the extra sales but it’s an expensive way to chat when all it needs is for said little black box to start working again!

Wish us luck?!

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