Revolve and other things


Well, I did my trial shift at Revolve in Leamington yesterday!  All the girls who work there are lovely and the clothes are just to die for!  It’s an absolute ‘Aladins Cave’ of the most beautiful and exclusive clothes you could wish for.  Something for absolutely everyone and any occasion, I discovered some real gems on the rails that I would love to have…..sigh!  I felt like a kid in a sweetie shop!  I don’t know if I’ve got the job yet but I’m praying because I would just love it!  Hoping that hobbling around with a crutch didn’t spoil my chances as foot is still not healing as quickly as I would like.  Bashing it on Sunday and walking around too much isn’t helping.  Going to try and rest it as much as possible over the weekend.



Fishy Update

Mono is doing well, unbelievably.  He’s no longer bumping into things and is finding food with relative ease and appears to be quite happy, fit and well.  The pair of them  are of looking remarkably well, it’ll be ironic if these two survive against all the odds after all of the disasters we’ve had over the past few weeks!  Rainbow is still in solitary, I’ll be taking him back later but he’s looking very fit and well too.  The kids have very sweetly put his tank right next to the other one so he can see the Oranda’s, maybe they think he won’t feel as lonely?  Perhaps this marks the end of the fishy fiasco’s?….Nah…not in this house.  I wonder what’s next?

Microscopy and Pippa

Pippa is filming in Oxford again on Sunday for her very own Microscopy series!  The first hasn’t been released yet, not for a couple of months yet but is absolutely fantastic.  Brilliant filming and editing by Mol, Pippa is perfect for the part and the whole thing is very professionally done.  I’m hoping it will achieve it’s aim to get people young and old into one of the most fascinating hobbies out there.  I love looking down a microscope and seeing exactly what tiny things actually look like and there is just so much explore.

Looking forward to seeing my wonderful friends Mol and Leslie and watching the next episode come together.  


Nikita has completed her first week at college very successfully.  All fingers crossed that things continue to carry on as they are, she is so happy and doing exactly what she wants to do which makes me so happy as well.  Well done Nikita!! xx

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