RIP….HS2 Environmental Statement

I’m so sorry.  I’m ranting about HS2 again!

Good morning to all of my brain mashed, mystified, angry, no time to waste on crap that we didn’t ask for, comrades!  Anyone who has spent the last few weeks either working on or pondering how to answer the HS2 Environmental Consultation, you have my deepest and most heart-felt sympathies!

I am one of these unfortunate souls whose brain now resembles pureed baby food having sent most of yesterday poring over the 50,00 pages that constitute said statement, or should I say, desperately trying to make sense of techno speak designed only for those who have completed a lengthy degree course in engineering.

Love this cartoon….says it all!

HS2 has been a huge thorn in many peoples sides for 4 years now, me included.  4 years on and we are no nearer to having the slightest idea of how to move our lives forward and the news that is gradually seeping out regarding HS2 is making us all realise that matters are becoming ever worse for us.  Finally we’re starting to see notes about where storage depots will be placed, access roads created and acre upon acre of countryside carved up for what the anti’s very rightly call, A White Elephant (but at least it’s a FAST White Elephant!).

If, like mine, your head is still pounding from the sheer ridiculousness that is called HS2, still trying to find a business case that actually stacks up, trying to work out where all of the predicted passengers are going to come from, find the justification for creating a nationwide scar across our beautiful landscape, evidence that we won’t all be teleporting ourselves in 30 years anyway…..etc….etc…I could go on for hours but I will spare you!  Anyway, I got carried away there….I do hope your head recovers as soon as possible so that we can continue to spend MORE hours that we should be spending on much more important things like, enjoying our families, relaxing in a stress free life or actually able to sleep at night without waking to the nightmares created by HS2 and look forward to the next monster challenge they decide to put us through.  I’m sure it won’t be long.  

Oh yeah….I forgot…..the fantastic process of Petitioning is next!  Not only incredibly time consuming and complicated but we get to pay £20 for the privilege of having to put ourselves through it as well!!!!

God help us all and may HS2 crash and burn in all it’s glorious 250MPH glory as soon as possible…….

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