Rodents and stuff….

I’ve got a cold!  One of those irritating ones that doesn’t justify stopping, but is enough to make one feel s**t.  I’m currently dosed up and ignoring it in the hope it will go away.  This approach often seems to work for me so fingers crossed that I wake up tomorrow feeling ok.  I’ve caught it from the children…Mirie is still not well and Nikita was off yesterday but dragged herself into school today as there was something she didn’t want to miss

Anyway, that’s the negative.  On the positive side, lots of things are happening which will hopefully keep leading me in the direction I’m heading.  More on this as news breaks!

Osborn is fed up with me blogging about him and has told me I’m not allowed to any more.  I’ve told him that all the time he gives me great material I will keep using it and anyway, I brought him into this world and I can take him out of it anytime I wish!!  What would he prefer?

It’s all good natured banter and we laugh a lot about everything.  He can’t really moan because he takes the opportunity to make the most of every ‘blonde’ moment his sisters have constantly.  The only one he can’t make the most of is Pippa, she has very few moments that warrant his mirth.  She’s 12 going on 40 in terms of her depth of knowledge and wisdom.

Last night I took her to Costco for pizza.  She’d been asking me to take her for weeks and finally yesterday I was able to.  She ate a piece of pizza that was almost bigger than her and we wandered off.

On the way home we passed Pets at Home and went in to look for a new home for our two Giant African Land Snails who are rapidly growing out of their current accommodation.  We had a good look but there was nothing suitable unless I wanted to pay £100…not really!

Pippa in the meantime had wandered off to look at the adoption centre and had found a beautiful little Syrian Hamster who needed adopting.  ‘Muffin’ had been a very much wanted and loved pet but her owner was allergic to her so eventually they had made the sad decision that she would have to go.  I did promise Pippa that she could have a hamster if she sorted her room out which was ‘kind of’ done.  We had the cage etc..and so with a touch of trepidation I agreed.

I’ve never seen Pippa so excited!  She got home grabbed the cage and quickly cleaned it out before ‘Muffin’ ate her way completely out of the two boxes the shop had put her in for security….she was a known nibbler!  Eventually safely installed Pippa sat mesmerised by her new pet.  She took her out and played with her, she really is a lovely hamster with a beautiful temperament and I have to admit it was the right decision.

I eventually managed to get the pair of them into their separate beds at ten thirty, far too late but I think Pippa and Muffin are going to be the very best of friends!

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