Say ‘Hi’ to our newest intakes!

Our newest Residents!

I love chickens, I always have.  We kept them for about 15 years until the local fox population became such a problem that it became too expensive buying chickens just for the foxes to end up having them for their lunch.  We tried so many things but the old chicken house is too dilapidated and was no longer fox proof, added to that the run became ever more impossible to keep secure and therefore, about a year ago, I gave up.

I miss them though, not just the eggs (which are wonderful) but also the animals themselves.  They would come running towards us when we went up to feed them and most of them were always up for a cuddle.  They were pets as much as anything else and the chicken stories over the years have been hilarious!

Soon to be our new residents along with funky house!

When Pippa was about 3 we had a chicken called ‘Christina’, she was a large Buff Sussex and nearly the same size as Pippa at the time.  Pippa would pick her up and carry her around with her everywhere and Christina loved it.  She would come into the house looking for Pippa and the pair of them could be seen everywhere, always together.  If Pippa wasn’t carrying her then Christina was following her.

They were very attached to each other and over the years we’ve had so many chickens and have become attached to each and every one of them.  They all have unique personalities and love human company.  I guess it’s this fact that makes battery farming so much more cruel.  These are sociable animals that very definitely have feelings.

Anyway, I decided a few days ago that we should have another go at keeping chickens and set about looking for a cheap hen house on ebay.  I figured that would solve the house problem and then we could make it secure with some old fencing we have lying around.  I’ve been keeping an eye out but all the ones that were cheap enough were too far away or not suitable for one reason or another.

And then a miracle happened!  On ‘For sale-Kenilworth’ on Facebook this morning, lo and behold…..a chicken house with 4 laying chickens and an absolute bargain!  I have now secured said chickens and house and will be collecting later.  We are with chickens again….the children will be happy, I’m happy and the dogs?  Well, they’re going to have to learn that chickens are not for chasing!  Neither of them would hurt them but they would find it exceptionally good sport to run around after them.

So, wish me luck with the imminent transpiration of said chickens to their new home this afternoon. I will report back with how they’re settling in.

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