School holidays….How do you cope?

Only a week before the children break up from school!  I know I’m not the only parent approaching it with a mixture of joy at having our offspring’s company for six weeks and trepidation at how to keep them amused.  Like a lot of mum’s I still have to work whether they’re here or at school so the eternal problem of child care raises it’s tedious head again.  Once again we all pray for good weather so that our options for chucking them into the garden or park are available but what if it rains constantly for six weeks?  Trips to Hobbycraft become a far too expensive option and there are only so many cupcakes we can cook and decorate and the hours of clearing up after make this option one I try hard to avoid!

I always inevitably end up resorting to buying numerous garden toys in Tesco in the hope that one of them will capture their imagination and keep them amused for a while.  The usual end result is that they end up strewn all over garden for me to pick up every evening!  The odd hot day inspires me to go and buy a cheap paddling pool which is which is greeted with enormous enthusiasm for the first hour and then ends up three weeks later looking like a scientific experiment growing every type of green slime imaginable and swarming with bizarre aquatic life that look at best like mini aliens and at worst possibly life threatening!  It’s then my job to somehow empty the damn thing out and dispose of the festering mess left behind.

So what about all the kids clubs available?  Great if you only have one or two but when you have as many as I have the cost is just astronomical!  I work for myself so my hours can be relatively flexible but what do parents do when they work set hours and have no options?  I know so many parents who suffer enormous stress during the long summer holiday worrying about how they are going to manage their children’s care. 

All of this does raise the question as to whether the current musings about more shorter holiday would be a good idea?  Personally I believe it would make life easier for parents and kids alike.  Six weeks is a long time away from education and children do forget some of the information they’ve learnt and have to spend the first two weeks back catching up.  Parents I think would find child care easier if the time span was shorter.  I’d love to hear what you all think?

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