School holidays…the agony and the ecstacy!

I’m finding today sad.  No…..not because it’s the last day of term and the long school holidays are about to start!  I’m actually looking forward to having the children at home.  I always have mixed feelings about the holidays, in some ways life becomes easier and in other ways it becomes a lot harder.  NO, I’m sad because this is probably Nikita’s last day at her school which has been a wonderful safe haven for her for the last five years.  She has the option of going back to the school but she desperately wants to join mainstream college and do Performing Arts following in three of her elder sisters footsteps.

I don’t want to hold her back but I am worried about how she will cope in such a large, unfamiliar environment and the academic workload.  Nikita is an enigma, so able and capable in so many ways and yet still so vulnerable in many others.  She still has to gain the appropriate grades in her entry level exams before she can take up the place and that is going to create a huge amount of stress for her over the coming weeks.  Interesting times ahead.

Pippa is also incredibly sad.  This is her last day with her beloved teacher.  He has been nothing short of an incredible inspiration to her and his style of teaching has been just perfect for her needs.  her teacher next year seems to be very ‘old school’ and I sense troubles ahead!  Osborn as always is as stoical as ever and taking the start of his GCSE’s next year in his stride and actually looking forward to them!  Bless his heart.

So I admit to shedding a few tears this morning as Nikita drove off in her taxi for what will probably be the last time and wishing I had someone’s shoulder to cry on!  It’s times like this that being a single parent has the ability to turn my usual resolute and (mostly) ever present resilience to the proverbial ‘mush’!

I have to have faith that everything will turn out ok and be prepared to deal with the fallout if it’s not.  In the meantime I’m praying this weather lasts for the whole of the next six weeks so that I can keep the children happily amused with outdoor activities which will at least give me the chance to get enough work done!!

To all parents everywhere….I’m thinking of you!

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