Shanks Determination Wins Again!!!!

We have finally changed the liner in the pond!  It’s been sitting in the shed for nearly three years and yesterday it finally got to see the light of day.  Thanks to Osborn and Pippa we managed to rip the old one out, dig out the bits we didn’t want (rather pick axe the bits we didn’t want, it was like rock!), get most of the smelly slime out of the bottom, line the bottom with sand, put the new liner in, fill it with water and carefully transfer the fish and frogs!

All of this over eight hours in the scorching sun!  It did make me think of the slaves as Nikita has just done a play about the slave trade.  They worked in temperatures exceeding the ones we were working in and we had access to shade and iced water whenever we needed it.   They had to work non stop with no respite or assistance, it must have been hell.  Heavy stuff I know but it does make you think about mans inhumanity to his fellow man.  No wonder we treat animals as badly as we do.

Anyway, back to the pond!  We now need to trim the liner to size and I’m scouring the internet for some free slabs to go round the outside.  Then we have to get the waterfall in place and fit the pump (also been waiting in shed for three years!) and then we can actually enjoy sitting in the garden again.  Osborn has been absolutely stalwart in his determination to get the grass cut and Jamie has decided today to get stuck in and is making good headway at the back of the garden with the strimmer. 

Psychological studies have shown that living near water is good for you hence my determination to get the blasted thing done!  Another couple of hours this evening and any other free time I can muster and hopefully it will be all finished soon.  Just shows what can be achieved if you put your mind to it!  Everyone kept telling me we couldn’t do it without several hefty men to help.  Well Yah Boo Shucks to You!!!!  The Shanks determination knows no bounds!!….and whatever you do…..don’t tell us what can’t be done.  We’ll prove you wrong over and over again!!

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