Should We Really Pity Those on the Autism Spectrum?

In November 2015 I stood on the TEDx stage in Leamington Spa and fulfilled a longstanding dream…

… I gave a talk about Neurodivergency and why we should value people with differently wired brains for being the awesome people they are.

Neurodivergency is a name given to people whose brains function ‘outside the norm’.

People on the Autistic spectrum are classified as neurodivergent, though for different reasons. There is no “normal” for the mind, but there is average, and neurodivergent people have something about their brains that make them not defined as “average”.

TEDxLeamington Spa 2015 Event Photos


I feel passionately about Neurodiversity on every level. My husband was extremely ill with a myriad of different mental health issues and most of my children are Autistic and/or Dyslexic. My children have struggled so much in their lives.


TEDxLeamington Spa 2015 Event Photos


I hope that my talk will change perceptions and beliefs towards Neurodivergent people and allow them to live happier and more contended lives as understanding and attitudes change for the better.

We need people who think in different ways so we can all move forward.

I hope, in some small way, I can help to enable this to happen.


Please WATCH and SHARE this video from my TEDx Talk. I’d be eternally grateful x


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