Simpler times?


I’ve probably ranted about this one before in view of the fact it’s one of my biggest bugbears!  I love technology, I’m actually a real techno geek and adore new gadgets but when it all goes wrong I’m probably the most impatient person on the planet!  

Should we go back to this?

So, why does it all go wrong at the same time?  One at a time I can handle but when everything fails at once I must confess to ‘losing it’.  Recently we’ve had the tumble dryer break down twice (not funny in a household of 8!), the central heating pack up, the dishwasher give up the ghost (see above) and to add insult to injury we’ve had no Internet for 2 weeks (again!) and a crossed line leading to some very bizarre conversations!  Now both lines are completely dead and BT are telling me they’re both fixed!  I’ve had enough!!

The weather of course!

Every time we have a BT fault they blame the weather!  Last summer it was because of all the hot weather we’d been having, now it’s down to all of the high winds and rain, reminiscent of the railways me thinks!  Snow, leaves on the line, heat etc…there’s always a weather reason why the trains aren’t running.  Surely in a country like ours where the weather is largely temperate we’d have it all sussed by now so why does the weather always get the blame?  It’s easy I suppose, blame the leaves on the line and everyone nods in agreement, blame the snow and despite the fact we have very little and it’s quite unusual, we all feel that it’s a valid excuse.  The fact that other countries keep running in 6 feet of the stuff without too many issues seems irrelevant. 

I digress, back to the technology issue, having just phoned BT yet again I have been told by both residential and business that my lines are testing fine and there is no fault!  I can assure BT that both of our lines are completely dead and have been for a long time.  Having to come out to the local coffee shop all the time to pick up urgent emails and run my life isn’t funny and the kids have had enough too.  Most of their homework these days seems to be done on line so all of us traipse into said coffee shop far more often than I would like!  It’s an expensive way of doing it anyway with the inevitable cups of hot chocolate that accompany these trips.

So here I am, 3 days away from going to see a friend for a week and trying desperately to tie up loose ends before I go.  With so many different things happening all at the same time right now I’m struggling to sort everything efficiently whilst not at home.  I spent the entire weekend trying to send a large video file to a TV company who needed it urgently and finally succeeded at 8pm last night.

So please spare a thought for the technologically challenged as we attempt to run our lives without all of the gadgets we have become so used to….maybe I do look back at simpler times a little wistfully occasionally?

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