Sleep, priorities and getting them right :/……


Let’s talk sleep….or in my case, rather, lack of it!  Once upon a time I slept like the proverbial  ‘log’, nowadays it’s more like sleeping on a bed of shifting nails!  Let’s take last night as an example.  I went to bed shattered after a particularly busy, testing day.  As I lay there awaiting the moment my brain finally switched off and I drifted away to cloud cuckoo land I could feel the tension in my neck and my brain felt as though it had a bright light bulb inside that wouldn’t switch off.  Sleep eluded me all night until 7 this morning when I finally did fall asleep and then overslept for a very important meeting, a meeting I could NOT be late for!  I got there by the skin of my teeth, not a good start!

Back to yesterday….my day was more testing than most of my days as I spent the first five and half hours of it in my car almost without getting out!  I kid you not.  Did I drive somewhere ridiculously far away?  No, that wouldn’t have bothered me, I actually managed to clock up 72 miles just running around after kids, dropping off, picking up, dropping off another one, picking up another one etc….etc….

My gorgeous babies!

I have days like these that are just a rapid sequence of getting the right children to the right place at the right time in a seemingly never ending stream of ‘Mum’s taxi’ runs but yesterday tried me more than usual.  I don’t find the actuality of the driving tiring, it’s the frustration of to feeling as though I’m not getting anything productive done.  Of course that’s not true, getting one of the kids  cars into be serviced is important and has to be done, getting children to therapy sessions on time is important and rounding them up after sleep overs has to be done and their social lives are important.  So why do I feel that most of my day yesterday was wasted?


I’m forced to admit that it must be perception.  My own idea of a constructive day is getting lots of work done which means that in my head that takes priority over everything else, but actually, my children are the most important thing in my life so running them around is actually crucial.  So let’s dig deeper.  Work in my head equals money which is in very short supply at the moment and without money I can’t support my children who are the most important things in my life!  Got there…..

We all have priorities in life and sometimes we don’t get them right.  Sometimes the line between them is also so blurred that we can’t actually get to the bottom of why we’re prioritising one thing over another.  Other times we simply get it wrong, we’re all human after all.  All of the above creates a lot of stress and that can then impact on sleep which means we get up tired and so the whole cycle starts again!

What’s the answer?  Well, actually, I think I might have found something that could help us all live our lives more productively with less stress, better sleep and better focus.  Can’t share anything yet but watch this space because I’ll be getting back to you on this one as I do more research.

Could be a breakthrough!!

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