Slow down!!


I was a Silly Billy last night.  In a rush as always, the freezing, torrential rain not helping, I opened the car door and went to get in.  As I threw myself into the car I cracked the side of my head on the corner of the door……OUCH!    To put it mildly actually, ‘ouch’ doesn’t even begin to cover the pain.  I fell into the car with tears in my eyes and Nikita looking terrified as I desperately rubbed the rapidly expanding lump that was exploding to the size of a golf ball.

It really, really does!  Lesson learnt??

I’d hit it just behind the temple and was definitely seeing stars!  I drove home still holding my head and dropped Nikita off and then went to collect Pippa from her drama class.  As I drove there in the pouring rain and darkness I felt a little queasy, then I started to feel as though I wasn’t able to focus properly.  Having safely delivered Pippa home I sat down to assess how I was feeling and realised, I didn’t feel too good!  

A & E here I come!

Hmmm….dilemma.  I had too much to do to want a trip to A & E but at the same time my headache was getting worse by the minute and I definitely didn’t feel right.  I went upstairs and told Jamie what had happened as a precaution but reassured her that I was sure there nothing to worry about.  She had other ideas and rang NHS Direct and, as always seems to be the case, they recommended she take me down and get me checked over.

I wasn’t happy, bang went my evening and everything I’d planned to get done!  However, after Jamie begging me not to make her life difficult and just ‘go quietly’ I succumbed and we duly toddled off to the hospital.  All I wanted to do was sleep and rest my pounding head but Jamie wasn’t about to let me fall asleep on her shoulder, so myself and my throbbing head sat waiting for the triage nurse to assess me.

She eventually duly did my vitals which were a bit off although not much and sent me to wait for the doctor.  It didn’t take him long to appear and we traipsed after him into an examination room.  After doing various tests, he went on to get me to perform a range of circus tricks to check my balance, I felt like a badly trained dog as I wobbled trying to stand on one leg which I can normally do with ease! 

He decided it was safe to let me go home as long as someone kept an eye on me so we trotted home by 10.30 and I sloped off to bed along with my painkillers.  On awakening this morning, having overslept, I had to get Nikita to the station and whilst my head was still pounding I completely forgot as I brushed my hair that I had lump on my head!  A hard brush banging the exact spot did nothing to improve my mood as we were late and in a panic, I shrieked, a chorus of voices asked if I was OK and I dutifully assured them that I was (?).  With no time to take painkillers I drove to the station and back with a head that felt as though someone inside was trying to dig their way out

Anyway, here I am, coffee in hand, painkillers downed and trying to get some work done.  Not sure how successful I will be but once the Paracetamol kicks in I’m sure I’ll do just fine.  Maybe I need to learn a lesson form the broken foot last year and now the head that I need to slow down a bit before I do something irreparable!  Always being in a rush doesn’t always make for getting things done quicker!

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