So, is Blogging a waste of time??

Blogging Isn’t a Waste of Time!

Three hours in the exuberant company of Todd and Jo last night taught me more than I’ve learnt in the last 10 years put together about social media and more specifically blogging.  WOW!!!  Goes some way towards summing it up but seriously…?  I knew I was an amateur blogger but after last night I really don’t know how I’ve got away with such crap for so long and recieved so many hits all over the world?  Talk about getting it wrong…and to answer the question…Blogging is definitely NOT a waste of time!!

Honouring my Blogging Mentors

Anyway, I decided to show Todd and Jo that I was listening last night and try to write the ‘perfect’ blog in their honour.  So, what did I learn?

  • Well, this…bullet points
  • Good content
  • Make it pretty
  • Links
  • Etc..etc.. etc..

….and soooooooooo much more!  I was so fascinated  by what Todd was saying and clinging on to his every word that every time he asked me to suggest something my brain was in overdrive and couldn’t come up with anything worth saying.  I must have looked like a complete moron!  Todd’s enthusiasm for social media is absolutely breathtaking.  I’m passionate about a lot of things but he looked as though he was going to explode from the excitement!

Eager, would be Bloggers at last

 nights workshop

Like anything else, blogging is an art and you need to learn the basics if you’re going to get anything out of it.  You need to understand all the stuff Todd was telling us about how search engines work and how to get the most exposure.  You need to get to grips with how to use links etc…all of which most of us are ignorant of.  Blogging is a brilliant way of marketing absolutely anything and is completely free!

The Moral in the Blogging Tale

You need experts like Todd and Jo to show you how to get it right and enable you to get to grips with the ‘nitty gritty’ of the whole thing.  It’s not rocket science once it’s explained to you in simple, easy to relate to terms and at the end he got us to put an actual blog together.  Nothing like actually doing something for it to really stick in your head!  By the way, sorry for nicking the photo guys but I didn’t think you’d mind?
If you blog for your business, blog to raise awareness, blog for pleasure or any other reason you really, really need to attend this workshop in Warwick, it’s worth every penny.  Contact the guys at Warwick Tweetup and book a place at the next one.  You will be fantastically impressed with their breadth of knowledge and desire to help your social media make a real difference for you!


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