Sometimes we forget which blessings to count!

They’re at it again!

We all know the expression ‘counting our blessings’, it’s something I try to do whenever I start to feel a certain negativity coming on which fortunately isn’t too often.  Blessings come in lots of different forms though and sometimes we tend to overlook the less obvious ones until something happens that triggers us to realise just how lucky we are in one particular aspect of our lives.

This happened yesterday when I returned home to find that Janeks had not only cleared the garden completely but mown half of the grass as well!  May not seem like much of a task, but anyone who had seen it knows that it was a pretty monumental job!  He’d spent most of the day on it refusing breakfast AND lunch (Janeks does not refuse food…..EVER!) in order to get the job finished and with a little help from Nikita, Osborn and Pippa had performed what was little short of a miracle.

I’ve always thought this!!

Whilst I was absolutely bowled over and more grateful than I could ever possibly express, this act of kindness made me realise something that I already knew but maybe hadn’t taken in as deeply as I probably should have.  Generally speaking, the girls boyfriends are very lovely, caring guys who do as much as they can to make all of our lives better.

Recently my ‘son by another mum’, Chris, asked for a list of jobs he could do whenever he was at the house…I didn’t ask him, he asked me!  I duly gave him a few irritating jobs that needed doing that I knew would never get done any other way and he has happily and conscientiously completed all of them!

They also decorated most of he house at New Year whilst we were in London for a couple of days, coming together as a team in order to make it happen, also dragging in anyone other passing acquaintance to muck in as well.  It made me feel like the luckiest person alive to be surrounded by people who cared so much.

They do lots of little jobs around the house that they know need doing and with no resident adult male, they are only too well aware that my DIY expertise has it’s limitations!  But really, how lucky am I that my girls choose such amazing guys to be in our lives?  Every one of them happy to help and often without being asked, that’s a blessing I need to add to my list when I count.

You know who you are……thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you.    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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