Sozzled mums and kids Easter Challenges!!

Sozzled Sundays

I’ll let you all into a secret, I don’t drink!  Well, at least, very rarely. It means when I do drink it doesn’t take much to have quite a dramatic effect.  I’ll let you into another secret, I was feeling very low yesterday, lots of things going on, feeling totally overwhelmed and all sorts of other stuff bringing me down.  Ho hum….it therefore felt like a reasonably good idea when Harry and Kacie dragged me out for a ‘coffee’……which turned into a glass of wine and then another.

I didn’t know, but they were large ones, I wondered why I felt so tipsy so quickly!  As they deposited me home I was given strict orders to sit down, relax and open another bottle!  They’d also been kind enough to get me a beautiful blue orchid and a box of chocolates for Easter, very nice ones too.  Very obediently I sat down, opened another a bottle that Vicki had given me during the week and carried on.  

When I say I don’t drink I mean it, I especially never drink at home so this was something of a first for me (for a very long time anyway).  The kids thought it was hilarious as it’s such an unusual sight and whilst nowhere near wasted, I was, very definitely a little bit inebriated.

It was in this state I decided that it would be a good idea to enter into phase 1 of the ‘Easter challenge’ I had set the kids.  6 of them were there which about as good as it was going to get and so I set them to task making 6 beautiful, tasty, stylish and perfectly presented chocolates.  I would then judge them based on various criteria whilst donning my Gordon Ramsey hat!

Errr… the apple!  Random…….

Trouble was that by the time it came to judging them I was feeling a little worse for wear and more than a little nauseous.  However the show must go on and so I ‘manned up’ and went for the tasting part of the contest.  I have to say they all did very well, some were genuinely beautiful, some were extremely tasty and others were…..well….verging on the bizarre.

Jamie’s idea of ‘beautiful chocolates’ amounted to dots of coloured chocolate around a plate, a big square of chocolate in the middle and a apple on the side(?)  Like I’ve already said…..bizarre!

But they all did well as part of the contract was to work as a team and no arguing or be disqualified.  They managed this bit extremely well, proving my point that they are all perfectly capable of getting on with each other when it means there will be consequences.

All round though it was great fun even if my scoring may have been little off due to the alcohol.  In the end Mirie and Osborn drew for first place which surprised me somewhat, not Mirie, she’s very artistic and creative, it was Osborn who managed to present a selection of good tasting and nicely presented chocolates.  He’s a science geek so I wasn’t expecting the level of artistry he applied, maybe a little abstract, but still lovely.

So, today is phase 2 of the Easter challenge and the Easter egg hunt which was postponed due to bad weather.  So currently my 7 children are decorating sheep (don’t ask!) which is phase 2 and the Easter Egg Hunt will take place imminently!  Watch this space for updates!! 🙂

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