I have spoken at many events with a huge degree of success.

I recently spoke at an event for the NHS and received the following feedback:

“This is to say thank you VERY MUCH INDEED for your inspirational presentation on all your family members and their fascinating lives that you gave at our staff meeting last week. 

All the staff were so impressed with your ability to have taken on all the challenges with such a positive attitude, and for all family members to have achieved such amazing outcomes! As I said in my thanks to you at the staff meeting, if ever there is a mother who deserves the ‘Super Mum’ award, it is yourself!”

The topics I can speak on are varied. They include:

  • My life story
  • Overcoming adversity and positive thinking
  • Autism
  • Single parenting

I am happy to discuss speaking at your event or conference if you think you would benefit from my expertise and knowledge.

Contact me for an informal chat.

Vikie Shanks - TEDxLeamSpa_29


I’d just like to let you know that Vikie was an absolute joy to work with and film last week. Both of our videographers have told me it was one of their most interesting days at work! The webinar that we delivered was exactly what we were looking for – anecdotal, personal and will certainly help to add another layer to our learners’ understanding of autism. The feedback from our learners so far has been very positive, with comments such as: “The speaker was a great choice. It was fantastic to see a ‘real’ person and know she got through it / is getting through it”.
Meg RussellExecutive Support to Operations Director, Performance Analyst The Skills Network