Taking the ‘Mick’ out of HS2 !!

I spent Thursday with a film producer who is a very close friend filming various interviews for the autism book, publishers, the TV Expert web site etc….His partner Lesley, who is just wonderful, was there too and we spent a very tough but rewarding four hours filming getting everything ‘in the can’ for Mol to edit when he returns from holiday next week.

Everything was ad libbed so that it was kept as natural as possible but this is quite tricky as remembering everything that has to be included means your brain is running on overdrive and inevitably overheats from time to time !  At least it didn’t burn out entirely but being the giggler that I am I was finding the whole thing just too funny !  All three of us were in stitches as I fluffed it, muttered numerous expletives and then fell on the floor !

This made Mol’s job even harder than it already was as he had to keep re-focusing the camera and adjusting the lighting in accordance with wherever I’d moved to in the process !  Fortunately he’s a very good natured man and forgave me and we did eventually end up with a lot of very good material.

Halfway through he suggested we do a piece for HS2, slightly tongue in cheek but with a serious message behind it regarding the blight that so many people will suffer as a result of the train.  Do take a look…it’s worth it !


There are lots of other videos including a trailer for the first book so have a browse through the ‘Mad Shanks Households’ channel.  It might give you a giggle or two !

in the meantime I’m on deadline with the proposal for the autism book so I have to get my skates on and do some work.

Before I go, a quick ‘Hello’ to Vicki, my closest friend who is doing the Moonwalk tonight.  I wish her and everyone else taking part the best of luck and an enormous ‘Thank You’ for being those people who actually take action and do something positive to help society.   I hope you all have a lot of fun and wish you return with limited blisters !!!! xxxx

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