Team Shanks to the rescue!

The Eternal Saga of the Pond!

It’s that time of year again when we start dismantling the pond in order to re-do it……again!  I know, I know, it’s become boring now and I quite agree, lugging tons of rocks out of the way and digging and re-lining are all tasks that were once exciting and now just tedious.

But do it I will, I love my pond as you all know and seeing a large hole in the middle of my garden awash in last years leaf fall is heartbreaking.  I want the water back, I want the waterfall back and I want my fish back (Heron dependent of course!).  

So Janeks, bless him, spent yesterday afternoon removing all of the rocks, no mean feat in the scorching heat but at least he’s got us to the point where we can take stock a little and decide what to do next.

How sad does this look?

I’ve been pondering this for months, hence the accidental purchase of 18 rigid pond liners most of which I still have!  Never mind, I got my money back and more so it’s not a complete disaster, I just have to find somewhere of storing the bloody things now.

So, what is the plan?  Errrrrrr….I’m not entirely sure except for the fact I’m not doing it again next year so it’s going to be a case of carefully planning how to prevent any more punctures courtesy of the Heron or anything else that may decide to leap into it (and yes, I’m talking to you Lexie!).

I have a bit of a plan however, bizarre though it may sound on the surface.  I’m going to put 2-3 of the rigid liners in the hole well below the level of the top having replaced the liner and then fill it with water above the level of the liners so that the fish can still swim from pond to pond.  Dastardly plan but with no access to the rubber liner it can’t be ruined and it would have to be something pretty awesome to puncture the rigid ones. Ta da!!!

I have no idea what it will actually look like but I’m guessing once the plants have matured around again it will look OK.  I will have my water and fountain back and it will be a long time before it needs doing again.

A lot of digging needed in earth that’s like concrete but we can do it and the end result will be well worth while.  So, time to assemble ‘Team Shanks’ and get it done, it is the school holidays after all so watch this space to see the end result.  Nothing could look worse than it does now!

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