Technological tangle!


Hands up if you’re a technogeek?  I am, I love gadgets, I’m fascinated by them!  My current gadgets include a Smartphone, Ipad, Laptop etc….  I have every communication device available but still people moan that they can never get hold of me?  I have a mobile phone, a landline, text, email, Facebook, Twitter…the list goes on.  I’m as visible as anyone could possibly be so what’s the problem?

Technology ‘fail’ is abundant in my life, I put it down to this!  In March my trusty Galaxy died and with it all of my contacts which should have been saved to my computer but mysteriously weren’t?  I got a new one but I’m lacking the 1000 odd contacts that I lost….not good.  Meanwhile, Outlook on my laptop has given up the ghost and the only way to restore apparently is to reinstall Office?  I’ve had to resort to using a memory stick with which to transfer data between my laptop and PC, a process I have discovered that is not remotely foolproof as I spent a good hour yesterday trying to find the latest version of the manuscript for the book that should have located itself on my ‘stick’…but hadn’t!  Time consuming and extremely frustrating to ‘lose’ five hours work!

Gadgets…time savers or time consumers?

Sorting it out

So, you’re all reading this and asking yourselves why I don’t sort all of these niggles out?  You’re right to question and the obvious answer is that in the long run it would much quicker to sort it all out rather than struggling on as I am.  Trouble is, there are always so many other urgent things that need doing that it never seems to get to the top of the list.  But sort it I must!  Then maybe I’ll stop making costly mistakes and people will stop moaning about my lack of availability?



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