TED Talks in China…….they can’t get them!

I’ve had my eyes opened in the last couple of days, in China, YouTube is blocked, everywhere!  You can’t watch a TED talk along with a whole load of other stuff….



I may be ignorant but I don’t mind admitting that I didn’t know this and I was shocked to hear it!  How did I find out?  Someone in the USA has asked if they can transcribe my TED talk into Chinese, I was a little baffled as adding subtitles would be much easier until they explained that the only way to get my message out in China is via a blog, book etc….

They explained to me that very little is understood about autism over there and the attitude towards it is very negative, they want to spread my message that autism isn’t a negative thing and can come with huge benefits and talents.  I’m very keen to get my message out there to anyone who wants to hear it, as it’s my absolute passion to change perceptions about different brain wiring, I’ll happily do whatever it takes.

I now need to get the go ahead from TED to make sure this is ok, surely it’s fine, but my huge thanks to Yu, the person who’s contacted me for caring enough about the people of China to want to do this.  I await permission from TED…watch this space………

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