‘Terrible Palsy’ and other weird stuff !!

Mad day !!!  Have to get the draft proposal for The Autism Detective…my new book, in by this evening !  I don’t enjoy the proposal bit of presenting books…it’s fiddly and brain searingly difficult.  Add into that trying to get seven children to do a 100 words each on themselves and I must confess I am now tearing my hair out.

Two weeks ago I told them I needed it….the last one landed 20 minutes ago and without it I couldn’t complete what is already a very complex task !  It’s now done apart from the proof reading bit which I also hate !!  Has to be done though so I thought I’d take a few minutes out to write this.

Getting the kids to write about themselves has thrown up some interesting memories !  Osborn for example used to tell everyone that he had ‘Terrible Palsy’ !  At his young age he couldn’t discern the word Cerebral and thought we were saying terrible !!  He now finds this hilarious.

Talking to Nikita about her Autism we discussed how she doesn’t point.  This is very common amongst Autistic people, they just think you know where they’re looking and don’t register that we mere mortals have absolutely no idea !  We put this to the test and sure enough when I asked her to point something out to me she just sort of flicked her hand in the general direction witch gave me no clue at all !  As we were talking about it I asked her is she could ever remember any of the others pointing and she confirmed that the only one of the seven who does is Kacie !

This explained to her why when she was young she would want me to look at something as we were driving in the car and I would always miss it which would cause her to go into meltdown !  She hadn’t pointed and just expected me to be able to drive the car and see where her eyes were looking.  Funnily enough this is something I’ve always been aware of but have never discussed with Nikita, had I done so maybe life would have been easier when she was younger.

The book is all about stuff like this that a lot of people don’t know but really helps if you do !  I’m writing it in conjunction with a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Speech and Language Therapist so it will contain a lot of information from the professionals perspective as well as my own personal experience with bringing up so many children on the spectrum.

My hope is that it will help a lot of people enable their child to live a more fulfilling and less stressful life whilst also making life easier for the rest of the family.

Wish me luck everyone, it goes in today !!!!

PS..Osborn has asked for a public apology for Sunday’s blog where I discussed the European thing !!  He says he didn’t mean it like that ( which I know ! ) I was just enjoying the ‘blonde moment’ he was having that wasn’t really a ‘blonde moment’ at all !!  naughty me !!

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