Terror and the Strimmer!!!

So why exactly were there screams of horror and terror here in The Mad Shanks Residence last night?  Well…..it was all to do with the children hearing an unfamliar noise outside and on coming out to investigate finding me weilding the strimmer like a woman possessed!  I think the phrase was ‘She looks like a mad woman!’.  Hmmmm…I guess I was in a way!

Having reached the point of not being prepared to have a garden that looked more like a tropical rainforest than a garden any more I’d taken the bull by the horns and bought the necessary components to get the strimmer working.  With a little help from Osborn I’d managed to get it started and was attacking a patch of stinging nettles in a way that was somewhat reminiscent of going into battle!  It was me against the weeds and overgrown grass and I was going to win,come what may.  Taking out my frustration on the weeds was actually quite theraputic!

And after 2 solid hours, sore hands and arms and being covered from head to foot with bits of grass I have managed to make massive inroads into the chaos that we lovingly call a garden.  I can now see the wood for the trees ( excuse the pun ) and can acually see where the rose bushs are!  It still needs a lot of work but at least I’ve started and if I ever manage to find the key to the lawn mower we might just be able to maintain it!

The pond is still a building site but with no decent weather and no ‘man’ about the house it’s proving to be quite a tricky job. Osborn is great but it needs someone bigger and stronger to get the huge piece of Rose Quartz out of the middle and then getting the old liner out is going to be a Herculian feat.  We will get there, just a lot slower than I thought.  At least the tadpoles will be frogs and therefore flying the nest before we have to disturb them.  We might just have a garden that befits it’s name in a few weeks!

The twins have the first night of their show tonight so tensions have been high for a while now.  I’m sure it will go as well as it always does and they will be as brilliant as they always are!

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