Thank you Monty Python !!!

People ask me about writing a daily blog and how do I find things to write about ?  My problem is more a case of what NOT to write about as every day is filled with wild and wacky events that are more than worthy of appearing here !

Today I planned to write for a couple of hours on the latest book, write this and then get into the garden and make the most of the sunshine !  A case of best laid plans I’m afraid.  My faithful Samsung Galaxy died yesterday so I duly went into Leamington to see if they could perform CPR on it and bring it back to life.  Sadly it is apparently deceased, pushing up daisy’s etc..etc.. in the words of the Monty Python Parrot sketch !!!

This makes me very sad on numerous levels !  Firstly the hassle of trying to work out what to do next, secondly the risk that I have actually lost the several thousand contacts  that were on the phone, thirdly…I loved that phone, it had been very good to me for the last two years or so and finally the decision of whether I should take the opportunity to switch providers because I’m so pissed off with Vodafone after taking them to the Ombudsman and only half winning a battle I still feel I should have won with no contest from Vodafone in the first place.  HUFFF !!!!

Not life changing stuff, just irritating when technology goes wrong.  And also a little worrying just how bereft I feel not having it with me and having to rely on a funny little thing I’ve nicked temporarily from Nikita !  I have no idea who’s ringing me because I have no contacts on it which in itself I find very stressful ! 

Bearing in mind that I was a child in the days when there were no mobile phones and we didn’t even have a house phone until I was 16 it’s amazing how quickly humans adapt to change and just how dependent we become on new technology ?  In terms of writing I would be absolutely lost without my ipad.  I can write twice as much in the same amount of time as I can on my laptop so it’s an invaluable piece of my life and being without my Smartphone is actually causing me distress !

No emails coming through, no internet access and the lack of all the data on the phone means my freedom is severely hampered.  I have to keep diving back and forth between wifi spots to get crucial information that my business life can’t operate without.

But it’s Bank Holiday I hear you cry !  What’s that got to do with anything ?  Everyone seems to be working today including me and I’ve already had to deal with numerous business emails.  I work every day otherwise I wouldn’t keep up with the ever mounting workload.  Not that I mind as I don’t see most of it as work anyway which is obviously the best kind of work to do !!  Life generally is good and never, ever boring !!

Anyway, I will finish with another quote from Monty Python !


Enjoy the sunshine !!!

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