The Abdominal Snowman, Terrible Palsy and R E S P E C T!

I do like to pass on a few ‘funny’s’ from my life when they arise, and as it’s Monday morning (which I actually love…), I also know a lot of you aren’t fans, so maybe this will give you a little chuckle!




I have no idea what she was doing, and never got round to asking her, but Mirie often asks me to check the spelling of words, I was reduced to crying with laughter though when she asked how to spell ‘The Abdominal Snowman’!  Now, to be fair, Abominable Snowman is quite tricky to get your head, and tongue around, but her hysterical faux pas reminded me of a couple of others we’ve had over the years.

Until he was about 10, Osborn always talked about his ‘Terrible Palsy’ instead of Cerebral Palsy, he wasn’t joking, he really thought that’s what it was called!  Eventually he got the hang of saying it correctly but it took some time!  He would also often be heard to say “I didn’t do it by purpose!’, normally used just after he’d broken something that he was fiddling with that he’d been told to put down, this one was just too cute for me to correct too quickly and he was into his teens before he got it right.

Jamie would always ask if we were having ‘potapatoes’ for dinner, it was years of training to get her to say potatoes and she’s never been allowed to forget it!  Another gem that Mirie shared with us after the ‘Abdominal’ episode is that she tried to learn the lyrics to the song, ‘R E S P E C T’ and could never get the hang of the order of the letters.  She resorted to putting the letters on her ceiling and practising them every night, she got there in the end!

……and my advice to all parents?  Have a note book to write down all of the funny things your children say and do, you’ll forget over time otherwise and it’ll make for some hilarious reading over the years!


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