The Annie Othen Show

The Annie Othen Show

I had been invited to be a guest on the Annie Other show and bring a couple of the children with me.  Lorie and Nikita were going to accompany me and yesterday morning we headed off to Coventry to the BBC Coventry and Warwickshire studios.

Firstly, the receptionist was so lovely and told us all about her brother who is on the autistic spectrum and served us Chocomilk.  We chatted happily until we were called in to the studio.  As soon as things appeared to be happening Lorie and Nikita decided they needed the loo and vanished…..typical!  I was taken into Annie’s studio alone and we exchanged germs (we both had rotten colds!) and chatted as Maggie May played until the girls appeared.


Annie is lovely!

Annie sat us in front of our respective microphones and we laughed and chatted.  She made the girls feel so at ease and comfortable that their nerves nearly disappeared.  Her questions were intelligent and relevant and we all answered as well as we could.  Nikita struggled a little to understand what Annie was asking her due to her lowered receptive language score but was eventually able to answer.  I was so proud of both of them as it was a tall order to ask them to talk about their feelings about being autistic when understanding their feelings is one of the subjects they find the hardest.

It was all over so quickly and we said our goodbyes.  Every single person we met there was so friendly and lovely and Annie herself is absolutely great.  We left talking about all of the things we wished we’d thought to say and had wanted to say but it was a great experience and we all hope that it raised a little bit of awareness about how high functioning autistic people struggle daily to understand the world around them and cope.  Having now listened to the interview again on line I’m quite please with how it went, I just wish we’d had more time!

Link for interview is here.


I’m now talking with Annie again next Wednesday about HS2 and how it’s affected our lives over the last four years as she’s doing a roadshow along the line in our area.  I’m so glad that someone as high profile as Annie has picked up on the subject and I know she will give a balanced view of the whole thing.  Should make for very interesting listening every day.

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