The book is open! Will there be a Hose Pipe ban this Summer?

The Weather……A History

I wasn’t very well over the weekend so I did something I very rarely do, I took a few hours out and did nothing!  I don’t like doing nothing, it annoys me but in view of the fact I could barely move due to aching from head to foot I really had no option.  And so it came to pass that Osborn and I were sitting on the garden swing together, him wanting to talk and me wanting to do what my body was telling me, which was…..nothing!

Everyone feels better in the sunshine!

Osborn always wants to talk, about anything and everything, especially things I have absolutely no possibility of ever answering.  Apparently he does this to his teachers at school as well, upon which news I felt a little better knowing they didn’t have the ability to answer him either.  They tell me that most professors would struggle so I now feel far more at rest every time I use my frequent war cry of “GOOGLE IT OSBORN!!!”, an ever present plea that the children hear far too often.

He wasn’t on the best of forms yesterday, not seeming to be able to ask me anything too taxing but he did ask a question that made me think…..something I do far too much otherwise I wouldn’t rattle on here as much as I do!  So what was this magical question?

He asked me if I could remember many days in March as beautiful as the one we were sitting enjoying?  Got me thinking that one.  Looking back, I remember many beautiful March days as well as snow in June!  Anyone remember that?  The weather in this country has always been beautifully erratic and having spent over a year living in southern Spain I can say from experience that hot and sunny every single day CAN become a little tedious.

I found myself loving the first few months and then longing to wake up to the occasionally dull, drizzly day.  Do I still long for them?  No, of course not, I get plenty of them now and sigh the inevitable sigh when I throw open the curtains to see it’s another umbrella day, but there is a certain beauty in never knowing what you’re going to wake up to.

At least it’s not boring!

At least we never get bored with our weather, even the most perfect summer can throw in the odd ‘curved ball’ of torrential rain and howling gales and the worst of winters can chuck up the odd stunningly beautiful day.  And whilst I truly am a summer person who thrives in the heat and really does grieve the end of it when the leaves start turning, even I can appreciate the random, spontaneity of never knowing what’s coming next!

So, has the weather here always been bizarre?…..yes, ever since I can remember.  Is it more extreme now than it used to be?…..I’m really not sure?  I’m not disputing global warming but I have to say the seasons feel just about as erratic as they’ve ever been with flooding and drought always on the agenda and ever baffling to the public at large.

Oh yeah…..and what’s the betting there will be a hose pipe ban this summer in spite of the immense amount of rain we’ve had?  The book is open!

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