The Chicken Run

Golly !!!!  Day four !

WOW !!!….there’s that weird yellow ball in the sky that we see in the UK from time to time !  I am reliably informed that it’s called ‘The Sun’ and it feels nice and warm when it appears occasionally.  I very much like this, I don’t do cold and tend to go into some form of hibernation mode in the winter so when it does show it’s face I just want to be out in it enjoying the vitamin D !

This morning however, Osborn and I were on a mission !  A few weeks ago we added 9 chickens to our menagerie of one dog, seven cats and two Giant African Land Snails !  You should by this point be getting a rough idea of why we’re called the ‘Mad Shanks Residence’ !  Anyway, the last nine have departed this world through a combination of natural death and Mr Fox so lots of lessons learnt, fence now securely fixed, seven new ones now safely installed in the chicken house.

The trip to go and collect the chickens from my new ‘chicken man’ however wasn’t without drama.  Is anything around here straightforward ?  Well no, never !!  Mr Chicken Man sells cheap chickens so they only have to lay for approximately four weeks to more than pay for themselves !  He had seven available for sale, an assortment of ‘normal’ hybrids to a few rather more exotic and exciting ones !

We duly arrived at the allotted time to collect them equipped with sturdy cardboard boxes to transport them home in.  Mr Chicken Man took said boxes and went into the chicken coop to catch the right ones and get them into the boxes….never an easy task I know only too well !  He managed to get four safely tucked away but on trying to grab the fifth, a Welsummer, she took exception to being grabbed and fluttered speedily away from him and out through the open top door.  On her way through she smacked Osborn right in the face and carried on with her determined strike for freedom !!

On looking at Osborn I saw a trickle of blood running from his lip and a pretty substantial scratch running from his mouth to the outer corner of his eye !  On questioning he assured me he was fine but the chicken was still making a break for freedom and was managing to elude all of our efforts to catch her !  10 minutes of all three of us running around like headless chickens ourselves had born no fruit and she was still taunting us by hiding under any object she laid eyes on.

We were prepared to give up and take a different one but Mr Chicken man wasn’t giving up that easily and disappeared.  Eventually he returned brandishing a huge net on a pole.  We devised a military style strategy between us to get her cornered and therefore ‘netable’. 

The three of us started stalking careful in our designated directions but we hadn’t banked on just how determined this chicken was maintain her newly gained freedom !  Eventually after a substantial amount of running around chasing her we eventually managed to block her escape in every direction in order get the net over her.  Even after her capture she wasn’t going to go quietly and it took all of our efforts to contain her and get her into the box !!

She was, I have to say, worth the effort though as she’s a beautiful chicken.  I love my chickens…they’re like pets and have far more intelligence than they are ever given credit for.  They are also very affectionate and can be trained to come when called with the reward of food.  They also enjoy being cuddled once they’ve got used to the human contact.

Enough about chickens !  Osborn ‘The arsonist’ as he is now known is on a warning regarding any form of fire within 100 yards of the house and the mess is still waiting to be cleared up, my first job this afternoon when I finally get into the garden no doubt assisted by Osborn.  I still have to find a new cat flap as my efforts yesterday bore no fruit and we need a new tool box and hose !!

Hopefully see you all again tomorrow !!  Anything can and does happen in 24 hours in our house !!!

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