The Citizen of the Year Awards

Citizen of the Year Awards

Friday night saw the Citizen of the Year Awards and as I had been nominated, we had tickets for the evening.  En masse we arrived at the Bridge House Theatre at Warwick School……late!  My fault I think, I read the invitation wrong.

All 10 red faces entered the theatre just as proceedings were getting underway feeling very awkward as we fumbled to find available seats, having done so we found ourselves scattered around the theatre with me sitting with Osborn.

The night in pictures, thanks to Todd!

And so the evening commenced.  I’d had no idea what to expect but what unfolded as the evening drew on was absolutely magnificent.  First off we had the brilliant Dave Sharpe compering the event who did a fantastic job of keeping everything moving along with great professionalism and humour.  

We were then treated to 3 songs from the Young Voices Choir who sang so beautifully and moved the entire audience, congratulations to them for such a magical performance.  Intermittently we heard from the nominees about the great and inspirational work they do within and for the community, we are indeed blessed to live in such a wonderful part of the country with so many caring people.

The second performer was a young 14 year old singer called Amy Thomaswho dazzled us with her incredibly beautiful voice.  More nominees and a break to enjoy drinks coffee and cakes courtesy of  Macmillan Cancer Support and Tesco during which we had the opportunity to meet Anna Turney who had spoken about her exploits during the first half as well as awarding the prize to the young citizen of the year.

During the show we heard from various people about why they support the awards and from a lady from Macmillan who told us more about their work.  Then the Warwick School Jazz Combo played the most brilliant jazz I’d heard for a long time with great enthusiasm and panache.  Extremely accomplished musicians, every single one of them.

The Young Citizen of the Year was Mia Beresford Ruck and the Citizen’s of the Year were Chris Johnson and Margaret Moore for the fantastic work they do for the homeless in a church in Radford Semele.  There could not have been more deserving winners and their success was loudly appreciated by the audience.

The finale was Tom Barnwell from last years The Voice who demonstrated very ably why he’d won a place on the show, he has the most incredible voice and a stage presence to match.  The Shanks Family as always were dancing in the aisles as encouraged by Tom and when he invited us to dance on stage there was a veritable stampede to get up there as quickly as possible before he changed his mind.  You can’t accuse my children of being ‘shrinking violets’!

Last, but by no means least, Todd, who’d been Tweeting all the way through, went up on stage with Dave and Tom to take a ‘selfie’ with the entire audience in the background!  Brilliant ending!

It was truly a marvellous evening which we all thoroughly enjoyed and I would personally like to thank all of the people who nominated me including my beautiful friends, Todd and Jo.  It was night to remember and I strongly recommend you get along to it next year if you get the chance, you won’t be disappointed.

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